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  1. Hello @tomtomtom, I am trying to figure out how to make planting plan like yours now. how can i have circle symbol together? what tool did you use and how did the display been set up 🙂 Many thanks Yoni
  2. Hello, Can I put a range for the height of Existing Tree? like 10-14m instead of 14m?
  3. So, I am so confused of how Vectorworks decide the column's length of general notes. I just want it to be the same length at the first and the second columns at least same length ... why can't i ? I try to break it. but the middle one is longer than the other...
  4. @michaelk i am not sure if i was right following you #2 step. so, i record my screen. I tried to set whatever height and change back to Auto Fit Row Height. But my text still missing. Screen Recording 2021-05-25 at 4.20.48 pm.mov
  5. My worksheet is being funny. I choose auto to fit row height, and it's showing normal in worksheet edit window, but when jump out the row is too narrow for my text. ps. I did click "wrap text" in whole cells anyone know how to fix it?
  6. PROBLEM SOLVED! So, after having those Landscape Area Style created then we could find them in our Resource Manager, we could right click on the Landscape Area Style and Choose "Plug-in Object Style Options" then we just need to click on the Arrow sign to make Class adjustable.
  7. Okkie, I think I figure out how to fix this @@hollister design Studio So, after having those Landscape Area Style created then we could find them in our Resource Manager, we could right click on the Landscape Area Style and Choose "Plug-in Object Style Options" then you just need to click on the Arrow sign to make Class adjustable. CLICK IT! TURN IN TO THIS Let me know if this works!!!! 🙂
  8. Same issue happened to me. when I duplicated the Landscaping Area Style from other file, and edit in Resource Manager the class OPT then it won't turn grey ...
  9. Hello, I am creating new landscaping area styles, but somehow the class OPT turning grey when I create it.... Can't change it's class. however, If I imported Landscaping area styles from other drawing to my file and Edit in Resource Manager wouldn't appear this issue can anyone tell me which step I went wrong, or where can I adjust this? I've recored video showing this. The video showing following actions I made: 1. I tried to create from un-styled Landscaping Area Tool. when created a new plug-in style, the class OPT turning GREY 2. I tried to edit style from imported landscaping area style (which of class OPT won't turn grey), and the class OPT turning GREY after I edit it. 3. I duplicate the imported Landscaping Area style in Resource Manager, and the class OPT still adjustable. Screen Recording 2021-05-19 at 3.46.54 pm.mov
  10. Hello guys, i am drawing a break line in annotation, however, i couldn't snap to to outline of the crop. it not constantly happen, but happed sometime in a while ... I've shut down Vectorworks and try at the new file, it works but my originally file still not working... can someone help?
  11. Hello Nikolay, I've checked on my Document Settings. It showed that the 'Adjust Flipped text' checked 🙂 do you have any other suggestion? thanks Regards, Yonina
  12. be great to have more options in general notes!!!!
  13. Hello, @Boh I am also hoping to have only one title block border style, but i got the same problem on north point and also i choose "fit on page"... but when I try to put in on A3 page... it just can't fit on it. (I build my title block border on A1)
  14. Hello @Pat Stanford , Sorry, just found that I put at the wrong location. so, it appear now. Thanks 🙂 ------- I am sharing the title block border style in Workgroup Folder. but when using title block border tool, it can't be found in when I tried to find anything in my Workgroup. I checked on my Resource Manager, it's there. So I have to click on "Find in resource manager" at the window of title block window.
  15. I want to generate a work sheet that could list some of my class's fill and pen style? I would like to create a legend as s keys at the side on my sheet. I have some landscaping area and also some non-landscaping area which need to shown in one legend.
  16. Hello, I just wondering if anyone had experience that having the tag upside down in the design layer, and showing okey in the sheet later? A bit hard to read when I trying to work on my design layer.... In my design later, I have my text upside down... And in my sheet layer, it looks okey.
  17. hello, i found that if i run the spelling check on my callout... if it found the text in my callout note and when i said Change on the words... it won't change my text in my notes.... anyone know what is the best way to do the spelling check on user's notes library ?
  18. will it make it hard to edit the contents in the worksheet? let's say we split it to worksheet -1 and worksheet -2 but if i made some changes... worksheet- 1 getting shorter and i have to copy and paste the text from worksheet -2 and delete things in worksheet - 2.... etc... 😔
  19. my work sheet is a spreadsheet. dont have any data coming from the file. can it still works? thanks
  20. Hello, I am trying to split my spreadsheet into two table. not too sure about how to apply the field value for the worksheet. where can i find the place to set the data range? thanks
  21. Hello, I find my General Notes on a class with blue colour, but the Notes show as black, any idea where can i adjust the colour? both formate of title text and body text don't have any colour changing options Object Info of the notes format options of text thanks
  22. yes.... it doesn't work when the text boxes are not at the same height a bit annoying haha i would like to se the space between them the same now i just manually make it the same
  23. Hello guys, I am trying to align my text with the same distance. is anyone having experience in this situation ? as the image I attached, I would like to make A=B=C.
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