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  1. I've been putting together a new title sheet border style which can be adapted to fit A0, A1 and A2 (both orientations) however the North point location doesn't reposition itself in relation to the other items, including loci of the title block. I've attached 2 screen grabs showing what happens to the North Arrow when the page size changes from A1 Landscape to A1 Portrait. Any wisdom is always appreciated!
  2. @JuanP SP2 install, problem still there - any advice
  3. It would be good if a slab style could be applied to a site model or zone of a site model. I identified my issue in this Forum Question, which better defines the basis for my request
  4. Help! I've been working on quite a complex terraced design which I have developed using Walls, Slabs and Hardscapes each with their own slab or wall style applied. To neatly tie the levels to meet what will be a building line I've used a series of 3D loci to produce a site model which visually has been quite successful. The majority of the Terrace will be constructed on made up ground (detailed by the engineer) with the top zone (300mm) being topsoil and grass/planting. Is there a way that I can apply a slab style to show this so that it appears on the sections I have cut through the model? Thanks in advance.
  5. Opened up Vectorworks this morning and was met with this error. Is anyone else having this issue and is a service pack on the way?
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