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  1. Hi Zoomer, Thanks for you reply, I've checked my settings and the 'use textures at creation' has been ticked. Thank you Wes, I will attach a small file. Can I also ask how to give the door the same wood texture as the window and door frame? Thanks! Lois Yeadon_Bank_test.vwx
  2. Hi Wes, I've just made a new class for the glass and set it to clear glass. However, the glass in the door didn't change (see attached image.) Thanks, Lois
  3. Hi, I'm trying to change the colour of the glass in my door- it's stuck with the generic opaque turquoise coloured glass. However, I have changed the glass class to glass-clear and it's not changing. Another door of mine is set to the same clear glass class and it's doing as its told. Can anyone shed any insight? Many thanks! Lois
  4. Hi, I've done a very basic 3D model of a table to be built and i've placed a viewport of the 3D model in open GL render mode but the quality is really low. I've selected 'background render settings' and set the mode to 'very high' but it hasn't really made much of a difference. Can anyone help? Thanks, Lois
  5. Im working in spolight. I only have fundamentals or spotlight as an option on my software. I'll have a go with editing the current workspace though. Thank you!
  6. I have VW 2016 and i'm trying to place a spiral staircase in my set. However in the tool sets the icon reads 'simple stair' instead of 'stair' and there doesn't seem to be a spiral staircase option within it. Could anyone enlighten me please? Many thanks! Lois
  7. I need to draw up some panelling (pic is attached) and I have a space of 1824 x 1510mm to fit it into. Is there a tool in Vectorworks that will make my life easy working this out? Many thanks! Lois Scan_Groendijk_ Lois_20160923-115922_0994_001.pdf
  8. Hi all, Is there a way to copy a Viewport that's been annotated on a sheet layer to another Vectorworks drawing. I'd like to copy my viewport of a set over into a large studio plan as it's been annotated and is ready to go. I can't seem to find a way around this but I hope there is one! Many thanks! Lois
  9. I am trying to use custom selection in order to update all my viewports at the same time (i've read about this tool from a blog online) So i've gone to Tools- Custom Selection and selected 'Create VectorScript' and then clicked criteria. But when I click the dropdown to choose 'Type,' it doesn't allow to to select it. I want to enter 'Type is Viewport Sheet Layer.' Does anyone know why the 'type' option is greyed out and not allowing me to choose it? Many thanks! Lois
  10. Ah that's done it, THANK YOU!
  11. Thank you Jim. I've attached some screenshots.
  12. Please help! I'm trying to get this drawing completed...I've drawn a plan on a document and then copied it over to the studio plan but there's an issue....There should be dotted lines indicating the header of the door but it's copying over with solid lines for some reason. It was fine before. Can anyone shed some light? Many thanks! Lois


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