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  1. @Thomas Peters Thanks for the feedback. "Let them eat cake" is our slogan. Seriously though I definitely keep that in mind. Conrad
  2. Hi, Sockets are spaced on multiples of the snap grid setting. The horizontal spacing is greater because you mostly need room for the socket name to be displayed. This is an exercise is pleasing most of the people most of the time. Conrad
  3. It would be great if you could just create your equipment items on any layer you like... We have already thought about it 😁 coming soon 😉 Conrad
  4. WOW !!! This is way off-topic !!! But no worries everyone starts somewhere 🙂 C
  5. Thanks Jens Believe me I would be happy to extend the customisation capabilities of sockets, but I don't want to lead you to places that in the future may not be supported. So please bear with me on this. Regarding device labels check this thread Best Conrad
  6. Hi Jens, Would it work for now to customise one of the existing socket symbol types in a template? Conrad
  7. Hi @switchonet These symbol name selections are fixed in the code of the object. The reason being that we need specific symbols for each orientation (L, R, T, B) and each type (IN, IO, OUT). Tell me a bit more about what you want to do. Maybe we can find a way without changing the code? Conrad
  8. Hi Daniel me again! So, these enclosures are a bit like a rack with a different look, and without RU heights... so in a way they could be a variation on the rack objects where equipment is placed by the designer to-scale. That way an elevation view of the enclosure gives an installer guidance on where to mount stuff. I'm beginning to like the idea!!! Conrad
  9. What we are asking for here is to link up data from more than one table. In SQL this is called a JOIN. Vectorworks can't do a JOIN right now. I agree completely that reports like these would be very useful. I will make a bid for this, but I also want it done right. So please be patient. It will happen. The more voices are heard here asking for this the better. Thanks everyone! Conrad
  10. Ok. I'll hold that thought... Thanks!
  11. Thanks Daniel - got it! This is interesting but begs the question as to how we establish location addresses in these enclosures. For example do we have some equivalent of the rack U? Conrad
  12. Hi Daniel That sounds interesting. Can you post me a link so I can take a look at these enclosures? Conrad
  13. Hi, You can add the ODBC > Database menu to your workspace and link your database using this. You will need to install and set up the ODBC driver for your particular database. There a whole section on this in the online help. As far as UIDs go, we now link our objects internally using other methods so I'd have to know a bit more about what you are trying to do in order to help. Suggest you start by getting the database connection and then see what that can do for you. If you get stuck ask me. Conrad
  14. As things stand the Vectorworks does not have a relational database. You cannot create a query a.k.a criteria that links the properties of more than one object. The good thing about this is that it is simple. The bad thing about this is that it is simple! ConnectCAD reveals this underlying issue because it is dealing with connected objects. ConnectCAD works around this limitation by having the Circuit object pull in data from connected sockets and their devices. But fixing this properly needs changes at a more fundamental level than ConnectCAD. So the more votes we get for this the better. Meanwhile, it is well worth taking a look at Marionette. This gives you a very neat visual scripting environment which is ideal for automating your specific workflows. Conrad
  15. Hi Daniel, To be honest with you nothing really great springs to my mind. It's one of these things that is easy to draw but hard to automate. The destination arrow label is the problem. Conrad
  16. Snap grid controls the size of ConnectCAD schematic objects like device and sockets. this leaves you free to draw schematics at any scale. Event planners love this because they can draw directly on floor plans. So what's the catch? If you want to customise the symbols used in sockets and device you need to be aware of the scaling. The easy way is to first set the snap grid to 4mm that way the scaling is 1:1. Do all your editing with this grid then when you are happy with the result set the snap grid to the value you want before you save your new template. If you have existing symbols created on say 1/8" grid then you can use the Scale Objects with a scale factor of 4mm / 1/8" to adjust the content to a 4mm basis. Then set the snap grid to your favorite value. Schematics in fact are Not to Scale drawings. The absolute size of objects doesn't matter provided the proportions and text sizes look right.
  17. @switchonet This particular command is in my opinion so specialised that it is rarely useful. I should know - I wrote it 🤣. It was designed to help a very difficult project that involved trying to reconstruct the system schematic diagrams from the cabling. What had happened was that an employee left taking all his notes of years of modifications and installations with him. Bit of a nightmare really. So what should your expectations be...? A cable list only has information about connected sockets and their device names. It doesn't know what is a sensible order to draw those sockets. So there isn't a lot to work with. And to make the result decent needs a lot of user intervention. But... over in my laboratory I got a command that you're really going to like - stay tuned for our new release this Autumn! Conrad
  18. Create Devices from List will be renamed Create Devices from Cable List. It's a command that came out of a reverse engineering task the purpose of which was to recreate drawings from a cabling survey. Conrad
  19. The physical locations of schematic devices are defined by placing equipment item objects on to-scale drawings of your rack elevations or on floor plans. The command Update Rack Elevation does a bulk create of Equipment for all schematic devices on the current layer, placing the Equipment Items on a layer called Rack Elevation. Then you can either drag them into racks or move them to a floor plan layer. As you move your equipment around it automatically detects if it's in a rack or a room and also update corresponding devices (i.e. devices with the same name as the equipment). Update Rack Elevation is smart - it checks for existing equipment as it creates, so you won't get duplicates. It also leaves selected any equipment that has no device. So, you can run Update Rack Elevation multiple times in your design cycle to keep the schematic and physical worlds in sync. Hope that helps. Don't forget to check out the online help too. Conrad
  20. Hi Ross I think the Connector Panel schematic device is your friend here. Create these on your power schematic, then do Update Rack Elevation to create the panels as physical equipment items. You can then use the Get Connectors button in the Object Info Palette to add the physical connector symbols to your panels. Double-click the panel equipment item to enter the panel and add any extra graphics / position connectors etc. In terms of 3D modelling you can check the Use Symbol box in the Object Info Palette and select a symbol to display. Normally you'd import the 3D equipment model from a file supplied by the manufacturer or create your own. It's up to you how detailed you want the drawing to be. Hope that helps. Conrad
  21. Hi Daniel The menu item you are looking for is called ConnectCAD Report. If I'm adding it to a menu containing other items I add a separator above it for clarity. Hope this helps. Conrad
  22. Thanks for the feedback !!! Conrad
  23. Hi Daniel, This is something that Vectorworks native reports can't do I think. A script would be the way accomplish this. I'm collecting up these case to refer them to the team working on reports. And I'll try and find time to rustle up a script. Meanwhile do take a look at Marionette - it's a great way to automate stuff without the pain of writing code. Happy New Year! Conrad
  24. Hi Thomas, Happy New Year! Right now Vectorworks database cannot do JOINs so unfortunately the answer is no 😐. There are some limitations to reports as things stand. I will mention this request to the team involved. transfer custom parameters? you could write a script that does this. Tell me a bit more about what you are trying to do. Conrad
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