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  1. @Conrad PreenI'm looking forward to the video explaining drop points as end points, noticed that there's an end point that's a connector panel in the resource manager and like the new connector panel tools, it could all tie together so nicely!
  2. @Conrad PreenExcited to see this one too, does it tie in nicely with the new and better connector layouts?
  3. @Conrad Preen any movement on this do you know? Cheers, Will
  4. Hi @Conrad Preen It's been a while since this thread started, has there been any progress internally on this you can share? Cheers, Will
  5. Thats helpful thank you! I know connectcad is built with flexibility but some workflow suggestions go a long way!
  6. @spettittfor my learning how are you storing your custom devices? In the device builder or as symbols?
  7. @C. Andrew Dunning Perfect thankyou! It was all working as expected it turns out, total user error! Really helpful illustration though, I feel a guidebook would be helpful that has examples like the above as part of the manuals
  8. Thanks @klinzey. I'll get you a screenshot but when I added a z value the symbol didn't move in 3d space.
  9. Is it possible to set the height of a ground stacked speaker. I know you can put it on a stand and then set the height, but for example on installs setting the speakers height without a stand is required. I can also see this as helpful if you were stacking speakers on top of subs? Cheers, Will
  10. Is this implemented yet? Workgroup support for custom devices, cable types and connectors would be most useful. Just tried, appears it is! Although it appears to be read only?
  11. I have found that the same counting issue shows itself on the cable pull report and cabling sheet even if a number of circuits its assigned with a cable ID. I think currecntly the best way to handle this to use an intermediate device on the schematic to breakout the individual circuits. This to me will prevent confusion with the team on site without having to remember to modify the reports, a step which can be easily forgotten in a rush. Having played with it a bit more, I think that you could simply add filters to the way connect cad reports. If we have 12 circuits with the same cable type assigned all using the cable (spotlight cable) then report as a single cable on the pull report and the cabling sheet. A nicety would be to show how many circuits you have assigned to the cable just in case you need to size up your multicore. I don't know how easy that would be, trying to think of a simple way of adding the functionality that doesn't require changing how things currently work. Cheers, Will
  12. @Conrad Preen Yess haha, understandable! Perhaps it will make it to the public roadmap 🙂
  13. @Conrad Preen that makes a lot of sense ConnectCAD is a very sophisticated extension. I feel in this scenario that a structured method would actually make it less intimidating though. Something simple like having a sub id for cables as a field? This could then be collated automatically in the label [cableID].[subID] and the clever bit be done in the background by connected by simply filtering the circuits?
  14. Brill, so the key item to understand is the symbols its using are at the wrong scale. Fab. I understand how it works more now 🙂
  15. Fully agree with you Conrad for real life deployment and the art of working out cabling networks and the art of installing them. As I explore the feature, I feel its linked to connectcad not truly managing multicores elegantly? As you say the estimates are estimates, but its estimating for 12 cables, when there is one in reality?
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