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  1. I've been scratching my head over this for a bit. I got my fixtures oriented the way I want in the 3D view but when I display them in top/plan they are rotated 90 degrees around the Z access. If I rotate them in top/plan view that screws up my 3D view. What am I missing? -Ed
  2. I'm trying to create an instrument summary with two columns. I adjust the width of the summary but when I try to adjust the column offset it just resets to be slightly smaller than the width. If I adjust the text width and then the column width the total width of the summary shrinks. What as I missing here? -Ed VW2020 Spotlight Windows 10.
  3. Joshua, What major features do we give up by not converting to a hanging position besides auto-numbering? I found auto-numbering useful and I'm trying to understand better how I should change my workflow if I start using schematic views. Thanks. -Ed
  4. If you have a lighting pipe ladder with fixtures on it and change it's size the fixtures do not move to the new location of the ladder rungs. They are still attached to the ladder. Just floating in space. Below is before and after of adjusting the height of the ladder from 4' to 2'. The side effect is it messes up you schematic view among other things.
  5. I'm trying to figure out schematic view and have a strange problem where the orientation of my fixtures changes by 180 degrees if I'm not in top/plan view. In top/plan view the fixtures face one way. In top view it is 180 degrees the opposite. What am I doing wrong. -Ed
  6. Kevin, I had read about that but it's not solving the problem unless you can dynamically resize the page using that tool. Then you could get a window of just the second of the drawing you wanted to print. There is an option on the print popup that says "print current view", however, it actually prints more than what you're currently looking at on the screen. I suspect it uses the screen view as the starting point and then expands from there to fill the printed page. So you wind up with stuff you don't need/want on the printed doc. -edh
  7. I'm transitioning from Autocad to VW. Two things I really wish were available in VW are: 1) Print Preview so I could see what was going to be printed without having to first create a PDF and then open that. 2) Print window so I can select a subset of the drawing to print without having to create a sheet layer and viewport which I then have to change everytime I want to look at a different portion of the drawing. Thanks. -Ed Hunter
  8. According to the Lightwright manual it will exchange X, Y, Z coordinates with VW but they can not be edited. It would be really useful if they could be edited. It would then be possible to create lights in Lightwright and have them appear close to their final positions in VW as opposed to stacking on top of each other when the two programs exchange data.


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