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  1. Dang you yankies are strange. You have decimal currency and imperial measure. Go shooting up every country to get peace. And you drive on the wrong side of the road. Make a damm good programme tho. I have dealt with old tradesman about the old measure of Imperial before we woke up. and the inaccuracies come out in a measure called lean and bear depending which side of the thick you want to be on. thats useless Go metric!!!!! But who cares what I think , Im from an island in the South Pacific most dont know exits. ( please just having fun) Regards Brendan [ 03-05-2005, 02:13 AM: Message edited by: B.Balemi ]
  2. Damm dont you hate it when you cant moan for long . Well done NNA Brendan
  3. Kaare Modify layers and Classes under organise. have you used that at all? You can map classes into others. pain is you have to go thru the whole process. can to it to just a few if my memory is right. Hope this helps. Brendan
  4. Shaun I have noted this look at my wishlist on Hatch visibilty. Sure AC may be faster but for dollar for dollar and heaps of other areas its not as good. But I have allways felt this has been the major time ineficiency in this programmme. If redraw is fast you will be fast. They have worked on this tho and it is improving but neeeds to be better without a doubt. Especially since you can do thousands of movements in a day zooming and scrolling. Still optimistic tho. Brendan Ps(I would not be asking for money back)
  5. That would have to be Custom Seletion 2 Choose type and plugin then "callouts' the name of the plugin. This should select all callouts. Then re-enter the setting to rfresh . I know only a work around at best. Regards Brendan
  6. Can you make a script thru custom selection to select all leader line objects to refesh them. Austaralia NZ version of Architect has a select similar tool which is awesome for this sort of selection. Once you select them all re -entre a pointer size that they allready are and it should do this. Hope it helps. Brendan
  7. No need to apologise Jonathan One post I had a couple of weeks ago was about a DTM model not rendering . You told me to send you the file I did and you anwered my problem for me . There was no commercialism there just damm good help. I was pleased you were the only one that bothered to help. You could have helped Erich? Keep it up .Vworks needs people like you around. And hey if you can make abit of a living doing it good ,it means the longer you will be around to provide more support. Thanks alot Brendan
  8. What are the real advantages for a Vw user making movies. I am considering a purchase but really want to know how it effects us cad people . I guess you can control format and compression better. I hope . Any one got thoughts. Cheers Brendan
  9. I agree too. I dont think this is too critical. The way 9-10-11 versions have greatly improved it will do so in 12 without a doubt. I dont believe that ever a computer will do what our clever little minds manually can and as you have well said Mike it means our modelling would have to be really sharp as it represents this. I personally want it to succeed especially in a cad world saturated with Autocad mentality. Image .mcd being the base export fomat for drawing transfer not crappy dxf.or dwg. I know archicad cant do freeform modelling like vectorworks and the price tag well mortgage the house and then do it agian for the upgrades. Dont know how its DTM equivalent stacks up but I think the improvements in this have been noticable as well. One great improvement I would really like to see and is not too difficult would be its abilty to speed up further its screen redraw rate when you have lots of objects and hatches say in an detail layer and are zooming in and out and around the place. This is where I loose my most amount of time. Regards Fellow optimist
  10. I agree with Mike on this We do need more options when it comes to Cnr windows and stairs. Less American imperialism with these objects.(take that which ever way ) Its a pain not having stairs with flares and winders. I think one thing that archicad really does have is the ability to model in isometric the full range of options on doors and also a stretch and grow fashion with vectorworks its data entry in an OIP real slow and a pain in the butt, the abilty to do both is necessary for speed. Floor Intelligence would be great for good Viewport presentation. Do agree tho good bang for buck. Brendan
  11. Kaare Do you mean tools that allow you to roll out the sahpe as if you were try to measure fabric size? Brendan
  12. Mike Perhaps I am over simplifying here Cant you do that by cutting the 3d section twice. say you do your section thru the center of the building you could then do another say 1 meter back and keep the 1 meter wide section piece to do youre thing on. Sure it makes a few extra layers but may get rid of all the background stuff. I dont think my previous post is that ridiculous taking into account what you have just said. I have the same hassel to get good quality elevations convert to lines is the only way but extremly time cosuming imagine if we could just use our viewports to do this. There must be enough really sick programmers out there that coud do this Dont forget its a wishlist forum here. We all hope for things that may work one day . Regards Brendan
  13. Going back to what I said earlier you are getting good bang for buck . we get all these features for a "lite" price. I am sure most architects are being asked for more and more perspectives in getting the concept right. often to aid in preselling what will be built this is a good marketing tool too. Every other cad system is getting more complex,its unfortunately unavoidable. I know Vworks can allways improve but in the years I have been using it I would never go back. and I sense it is making inroads into cad markets. I guess you can't please all ,all the time Regards Brendan
  14. Alt 0176 ? degrees Alt 0178 ? Alt 0179 ? Alt 0216 ? Alt 0162 ? Alt 0177 ? Some of these that I use. Jonathans suggestion works as for certain fonts this changes so it pays to check the character map. A trick I use is select it thru the character map and contol c to copy to clip board then control v to paste now you are in vectorworks . Hope this helps Regards Brendan
  15. This is where I think it would be hard but achievable maybe. The ablity to reduce linewieghts % or thickness per so many meters or yards of depth back from the cut would speed up the final drwings a lot. Problem being when you have a line that is one length but in perspective going away from you. Regards Brendan
  16. I agree with Kevin To Engineers and the sort I only use these .PDF Brendan
  17. Thanks for the posts All good points but I think its starting to get complicated. When you are head down bum up doing work and your drawing refresh rate slows down so do you. Come on I dont believe I am the only one suffering here . When you bring in hatches things slow down . this is unacceptable when doing high detail work on 2d it has to be quicker and simple. This is unacceptable from and efficiengy point view and I will keep yelling until it is resolved. You have probably seen my posts so far and I am a Vectorworks advocate without a doubt. but this is a hassel . Hatches graphiclly are better than patterns and have more style and control I dont want to use anything else with drawing quality , why have them avaliable if you cant use them. speed it up guys come on. It ahs to be quicker surely regards Brendan
  18. Ooops try dxf as well as curves not binray B
  19. Convert youre 3d stuff to 2d especially if it is autocad Lt Brendan
  20. Hey Delmer Let us know how you got on with those pallettes. Share at youre leisure. Regards Brendan
  21. Kaare Without assuming you dont know this but have you used the space bar as the boomerang tool. While doing the offset, hold down spacebar as well as the x key to select the next object to offset , when selected relaese th space bar click to the side and the offset applies to the newly selected object. Dont know if this helps probably you want it to be a men command. regards Brendan
  22. I have a script pallette with a few preference shortcuts like the one you mentioned. Let us know and i will send you a file with it in. Regards Brendan
  23. "Why pay more on manuals, you dont need this in autocad , I didnt need this in autocad" is maybe what youre thinking,but autocad is not as clever as vectorworks just more awkard and expensive. Actually now your ripe for Jonathans manuals. You will read and start realizing that this painful part was neceesary. I do some training at times and the best to train are the ones like you who have ground it out for a while. I was personally trained by Jonathan here in New Zealand and his manuals are for you. As Mike said probably the autocad mentality is intruding on your progress. So many here who have switched say they would never go back. Its a bit like learning a new langauge to really progress is not to speak the language but to think it. Sure I know this can sound like platitutes but is is the case. Hope you hang in because you wont regret it. Kind regards Brendan
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