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  1. Great suggestion. I'd also like to see the rest of my sheet layer grayed out while editing a viewport crop. Additionally, I'd like to edit a crop not only by changing the crop outline but also by moving the sheet (with a "hand" tool) within the crop window.
  2. Would the constraints palette tools be of any use?
  3. I'd love to be able to save our office ACAD standard line weights and colors as a saved set when importing dwg files. As you know, those need to be reassigned after each launch.
  4. I found these issues yesterday. (macosx) 1.8G5 A. You can't (but should be able to) resize a perspective window while editing within a group/symbol. B. While rendering within a group/symbol (thank you) light objects do not responded to the "hide" preference. C. I tried the new 'export as multiple sheets' option to export some .jpeg images on 3 viewport sheets. Well, she no work. I got one page with all of the text mushed together on the left side of the .jpeg. I saved the same sheet with the marquee option and it worked fine.
  5. Can't a fellow poke a little fun at anything these days? archoncad has the right idea. I too hope to make the new eyewash feature a profit powerhouse. And since it's so fast, I'll be able to spend more time creating sumptuous desserts! Gee, maybe if I save enough time, say 20 minutes at 450 degrees, I could channel my efforts into becoming the Julia Childs of the architectural world! I'll start off slow with the Jello Pyramids at Geeza.
  6. Let the "critique" begin.......... Who asked for "Sketching"? That's like having Jello a dessert. It's fun to play with but not very satisfying. I've had Doodle for years and I may have used it twice. Once more than I've ordered Jello.
  7. I've searched and searched........... no documentation. Katie and Co., please - gimme the 411.
  8. Is is possible for OpenGL to display any sort of lighting or shadows? I've worked with a colleague using AccuRender for AutoCad and the lighting and shadows while in OpenGL are great, and a real time saver. I'd love an AccuRender or approved equal rendering module for Vectorworks.
  9. This also worked when sending to back. Just trying to be thorough.
  10. The trim and delete by vector command, while a welcome addition, should only trim the selected objects set for trimming. Currently, one can select some objects/lines and draw a line to trim the selection, but anything else in the line of fire gets trimmed too. Why? I don't get it. Just wondering.
  11. In previous versions, one could select a bunch of objects stacked on top of each other, filled or not, and then hit the command-F keys to cycle through the objects bringing the topmost objects to the front one by one. Now you can't. I liked that alot and miss it. Please let me know if there is a current command sequence to perform said task. Thanks. BTW - When you select multiple objects you can cycle through them in the object pallette and edit them by hitting the select button which highlights the object. So maybe one could then move that object to the front/back once it's highlighted in the pallette.
  12. Okay, okay. How about a tool similar to the gradiant tool, but it would a hatch editor, nudger, rotator. An option+click might open the current edit window. I must have nudgability.
  13. It would be great to double-click on an associative hatch and be able to move and nudge the hatch around within the hatched object. No, not great. Absolutely amazing!
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