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  1. Hey, Taproot, This is probably not the right place to rapsidize about PowerCADD, but it IS a lovely program. Reading over the forum here, it seems like Vectorworks users are also very enthusiastic. Personally, I think that a piece of CAD software is just a tool and a good drafter can get good results with any program, even AutoCRAP. I've never understood why it's so hard for some people to switch tools. The fact that you enjoy drawing with mechanical pencils doesn't mean that you can't learn to use rapideograph pens, you know? -Dee C.
  2. Thanks, guys! Very helpful...
  3. Hi. I've moved from a Mac office to a Windows office, and so had to stop using PowerCADD. (examples of my work here, if anyone's interested: http://engsw.com/Drawings/Calarco/Calarco.html) I asked for a copy of Vectorworks, since I'd heard that it has something close to PowerCADD's usability and flexibility. And, of course it's nice to have some real 3D capabilities. So, it's seems like a pretty good program so far. I was able to start using it without reading the manual, and that's nice. I miss my Wildtools, but I can get most of the functionality in other ways. I really like the variety of autosnaps: to top-center, for instance. There are a few nagging little things I haven't figured out, though: 1. How the heck do you get a plus-minus symbol or a diameter symbol? On the Mac, they're part of the fonts. Not so on the PC. 2. Is there something similar to the PowerCADD "move points" command/tool, where you can select an area, and all symbols and objects will automatically move or resize as part of that selection? Thanks!
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