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  1. This does help, thanks guys. Hopefully I get it figured out before I'm tripped and fall into forced retirement.
  2. I have a question totally unrelated to VW but need some input from outside my vicinity. When a contractor charges a percentage fee, say 10% for overhead and profit, would you typically expect accounting, administration and maybe even insurance to ba a part of the 10%, a percentage fee on top of the 10%, or a fixed line item fee? What about mobilization or other? I'm in the NW U.S. and would be interested in hearing what the common practices are either in the rest of the country or elsewhere.
  3. Even if it is a bug, or a humbug, its still not a big deal. I would guess it has to do with the definition of an arc as moving clockwise from a point whereas polylines start where you start drawing. Arc length =120, concave down. I want to start 5 units from the right and move left (counterclockwise). Enter 115, click, drag to the right, done.
  4. Another thought if you want to start a set distance from the end of the path and aren't happy setting a locus there to snap to, look at your path length in the OIP, subtract the distance you want to offset from the end and plug that number into the preference. You still drag to determine direction from start point. Alan, I think your problem with the objects rotating at various angles may be to do with having an irregular freehand line for a path. Also, when rotating with the path, the orientation of the object as it is originally on the screen is used to determine a start angle relative to the path (when tangent to path is selected). An alternate way to do a regular faceted wall would be to use the regular polygon tool and convert to walls. [ 07-06-2005, 12:42 PM: Message edited by: Delmer ]
  5. I agree with EJ, if you're doing anything that has a radius, the duplicate array is very useful. However, I have had no problems with the duplicate along path tool. The start offset by distance will offset from the start of the path -good to keep in mind when originally drawing the path. If you want to start at any other point or go in another direction on your path have a locus placed appropriately to click to (set behind the path) and set the preference to Next Click. Drag in the direction along the path you are looking for. Accuracy has always been to the 0.001".
  6. Delmer

    stretch command?

    Select the items you want to stretch, use the 2D reshape tool to encompass the points to stretch. Holding alt will give you a lasso as opposed to the rectangular marquee. Click & drag within the marquee, tabbing to input numbers in top if necessary.
  7. Matthew, I can see the benefit to what you are asking. Regarding exporting and re-importing though, have you used the render bitmap tool?
  8. Ah, if it is a jpg or other image you have imported then its obvious. The textures provided with VW cannot however be extracted -at least that I know. I've seen this asked before but don't recall anyone having the answer. If its important enough you can add texture to a polygon, render and capture or export to an image file to edit and bring back. Pretty roundabout.
  9. Nothing to do with gobo, but I've had the file size error when a a downloaded update was inturrupted before complete download. Just had to redownload the update. Not relevant if going off a CD.
  10. Li, I am likewise thinking to purchase C4D in the near future. Did you buy any of the packages? It would be nice to see an image rendered with their base package and one done with the advanced render 2 side by side. Delmer
  11. With an object selected, click the Render tab of the Object Information Pallete (OIP). They're close to the top.
  12. Here's a little exercise to try as well, at least for the HP: Start a new drawing, something larger than letter size, 1:1. Go Tool>Utilities>Create Color Chart. Save. From your OS go to the printer, select properties. Go to the options tab, click Manual Color then click the color control button. Try checking Match Screen, relaunch VW and print the color chart. If Match Screen doesn't help try checking User defined color correction. Click the button: Start Color Correction Wizard. Follow the steps.
  13. You could also temporarily make all floors visible, set layer options to show/snap others and tab through the layers snapping to the center of the first placed window.
  14. Christian, there are a couple things I can think of that might make placement a little easier. One would be if you have a grid set up that is visible in conjunction with any individual floor layer and saved in the views menu. That would allow you to set a locus or other object that is snappable from all floor layers. Another handy item is using the symbol offset insertion mode in conjunction with the snap to distance. If a series of windows are the same distance from a corner or other snappable point you can very quickly set this as your distance and run through the layers inserting by snapping 'Along Line'. [ 07-01-2005, 04:30 PM: Message edited by: Delmer ]


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