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  1. Thanks Jonathan, that did the trick. Now to find out what else I was missing...
  2. When I saw all the missing plug-ins I tried to replace with ones from VW 10. Could the fact that I never took VW 10 off before installing have caused this? A re-install would most likly clear this up then right?
  3. Hello all Has anyone had the problem of a non-existent Viewport command. I've looked in the help and then looked where I thought it told me look and there is no Viewport command. An imported ACAD 2005 file has viewports, but I can't create new ones. I am running Student ver. on OS 10.2.8. If it means anythings, there is lots of greyed out commands that say "not in plug-ins folder" after the name. Thanks for any help Tyler
  4. I am with Mike on the wall tool. It can be a little finiky I've found, especially not being familiar with it but I can see the value. On the Data entry part while drawing a polyline I've found that after tabbing and entering the first point set, when I tab for the next segment of line tab spits me to Length box instead of back to X axis box. This gets to be a pain as I am haveing to tab around to much. David maybe you'll agee with this. If we could just enter "x=10" or "L=10" in a commad line like set up, instead of tabbing around. Could this be writen into a script? This is a very helpful thread, thank you all. Tyler
  5. Okay here is an example of shape vs. Lines problem I am working on now. I am doing up a section cut of a precast concrete wall. Acad as taught: Draw line for exterior edge Offset for edge of insulation offset for other edge of insulation offset for interior edge Draw line for Top/Bottom Cut and Draw lines for projections Add hatch Vector 1st time: Draw as above, trace with poly, add hatch. Vector 2nd time: Draw poly for outside section w hatch -lots of editing handles (painful) Draw poly for inside Add line here and there Using vector 'seemed' to take a long time fooling with poly handles and hard to stay accurate and straight. That would inprove to a degree with pratice. Am I on the right track? Tyler
  6. Thanks for all the input. You are all right its is worth the $ in order to save the frustration and time. I will be going with Jonothan's books (does he have you all on staff? are you getting a cut?). I tried learning Acad from a worthless book and it was just painful. This student lifestyle is expensive though, new software, new manuals. Thank God its only 2 more months. So if your drawing shapes instead of lines does that change your class (layer) system. Would you have a class for each type of material in section, with its fill set already? Something like a thick elevation outline would be on its own class, school taught me to draft on CAD as if I was doing it manually line by line. Doing it that way you only save time by copying and easy hatching compared to manual drafting. Good input, thanks again. Tyler
  7. Some may remember my post a few weeks back asking about working on both VW and Acad, and employablity after. Well I did buy a new copy of VW 11 and have been drafting on it stedily since. Slowly though. I cannot believe the loss of efficiency. I am fighting back screams of frustration daily. Its the little things that drive you nuts. Having to try three times to make a command do what you want, getting used the selection tricks. I've got a pile of projects coming up due, I am drafting at a snails pace and going mad. What would have taken a few minutes on Acad a month ago is taking 3 times as long as I regain my VW sea legs. Okay enough wining. Did I jump in two quick? I've read the posts by others who recommend doing some simple projects and gaining ability that way, while continuing to "work" on their current CAD. Should I buy on the the books out there? I am I trial and error computer user myself but I am finding I don't have time for that process right now. I can't go back to Acad, its just not a good option, but can anyone recommend some processes, tricks or moral support to help me through this transition? Thanks in Advance for your input, Tyler
  8. Hello everyone Does anyone know of a command, tool or plug-in that will allow you select an object and then its class becomes current. I know ACAD has this command and it can be handy if you can't recall what class something is. I know that you could click it, see what is on the Obj Info pallet, then select the same class, but thats like 3 clicks and major mouse milage. I was hoping there was somthing simple that I just haven't come accross. And yes a solution could be to just get better with the key commands. Thanks Tyler G4 700 iMac
  9. I agree with you Kurt, I don't want to be pigeon holed. If I could find a VW firm in my area I would work hard to be hired by them, because I think your right, its the engineers that us ACAD and the cooler firms that use VW. Thanks for the input everyone. I did upgrade my VW and am waiting (not so) patiently for it to arrive. I hope I can handle the mental shift to play between them, it is like languages, but I only got a C- in my university french class so we will have to see. Tyler
  10. Hello, all I am at school in my last semester of an Architectural Technologist program. The school uses Autocad 2005 only, I tried using VW10 last year, on my iMac G4, but found the switching between learning ACAD and VW at the same time to much. This year I know ACAD, and VW 11 has supposedly fixed some frustrations with VW10, especially the compatibility with 2005. So my question is, do I go back to working with both and doing most of my drafting on VW. I am worried that when I pick up a job after school, the good money is on me finding myself in a ACAD company, so I should stick with ACAD and learn it as well as I can. But I really like VW and want to use it in the future as soon as I am working on my own, plus I can do my school work at home instead of the lab at school. What to do, what to do, any advise? another solution it to get a job in a VW firm, any leads for a job in Calgary.... Thanks in advance, Tyler
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