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  1. Hi Delmer Put your name to my thread. The more the greter the odds of something being done. I cant believe not many have an issue with this . Obviously I am stupid enough to try 2d art with high detail. Regards Brendan
  2. This is the cool thing I really like about VWorks as it lets you do 2d editing of such an object and it effects it in 3d. Once you get used to it Michael it becomes a very powerful thing . Wait until you break up the roof object by ungrouping into roof planes and do really abstract stuff like funky cutouts for pergolas and bastard hips (new zealand trade term). and also circles as Mike has indicated. This is handy also for roofs with different bearing heights. If you really want to get a handle on it, Jonathans Manuals will put you in top gear in this regard it worked for me. Regards Brendan (hey Jonathan can you send me two pens this year as my kickback ) [ 04-12-2005, 06:30 AM: Message edited by: B.Balemi ]
  3. Not to sure why you have a notes layer Bruce. Are you an ex autocady? Why not use viewports and annotate. Often I use Ctrl Alt 3 (number pad) to switch only the active class on only or at times go Ctrl Alt 7 to make them all active . If you look up in organise > layer options these shortcuts are defined. If you get used to having only the active layer on and know how they are stacked you can use Ctrl Arrow up or down to flick thru the layers. If often have my notes on the same layer and turn on and off with classes. This means you could use your floor plan several times and have a classes as Text Door, Text General, Text Electrical. Viewport the floor plan several times and turn off and on those classes. One layer used. Or do these thru as I suggested before the Viewport annotation mode hope this helps a little. Brendan
  4. Also the ability to duplicate or mirrror multiple seleted nodes along an axis. And the abilty thru the OIP to on and off hidden node points possibly. Brendan
  5. It doesnt show vertical abd horizontal cursor cues. Brendan
  6. Im saddend to agree. Is this a windows only problem. Come on NNA sort it out quickly please. I love where you are going with the program and I thought the stability of 11.01 was to be the end of all the "A" programs, but things have gone back here. Give us some news on stability resolving please. Regards Brendan
  7. I Agree multiple node delete would be handy at times around the non orthoganal marquee area. Also context sensitive operation. When you have a rectangle selected it prompts you if you hit the 2d edit tool whether or not you want the rect to converted to a poly so as to manipulate. Brendan
  8. Hi Taproot I hope I am not stating the obvious here but do you know about the boomerang tool. When offsetting you want to reselect the original or something different to oofset depress the spacebar and keep it down set the select tool then select the original object or a different one let go of the spacebar and you are back in offset mode. One thing I like about this is that you can quickly do multiple offsets then go to a different object and carry on you neery way. Hope it helps Brendan
  9. Its amazing how many are going back to 11.0.1 Bummer the new improves and things are good too. Brendan
  10. No 11.01 seemed rock solid . One thing I am finding is if its left dormant for a while and start zooming quickly with the scroll mouse it brings up this debug or close box which is just a tease it dies anyway . Scrolling in and out of text quickly is also a common one . It takes a lot of crashes to see a pattern As a result I cant stuff around working Doc Watson programme because I am behind now anyway. Brendan
  11. I know its not much ,but holding down the shift key constrains it orthogonally. Perhaps you already know this. Brendan
  12. Hi Taproot "2. Multi-Trim: When selecting multiple objects, the user draws a line. Any objects the line crosses will be selected. This works much better than either the freehand marquee or the rectangle marquee." If you depress the the alt key while you do this any line or object the lasso or marqee hits or paases thru it selects. Works also in a similar way with extend and split mode. Select all the lines you want to extend then while hold down the alt key extend to whatever line that you want to extend thats not parrallel too and bang done.multiple lines are extended to this line. The slit by line tool while holding down the alt key will split all the lines only that are selected Hope this is a help. Regards Brendan
  13. Delmer Have you held down the alt key while you use the lasso. Same applies for the marquee All you have to do is hit or pass over the object once not even circle it and it selects it . Its very quick. I hope this helps. Regards Brendan [ 03-30-2005, 04:03 AM: Message edited by: B.Balemi ]
  14. No but we can talk back. Problem is we would probably have to loose our damm kiwi accent an have an American one, or worse an Aussie one. regards Brendan
  15. You are very fotunate you dont know . All that have to deal with them it seems they hate. Regards Brendan
  16. Bang it over into the wishlist . I am not saying its unimportant its Very important so put it there also. The more its there the more it may be actioned. Good call. Regards Brendan
  17. Have You tried High lighting and just using the delete on youe key pad. Sure maybe its not the answer. Maybe perhaps as an earlier drawing is it saved as the current verion of vectorworks? Like what I am saying is If it was Mickeymouse.mcd do you have to save it as Mickey mouse.mcd V11.mcd ( if this is the version you are using) to get the rescource Browerser to perform. Often altho you have a file open if it is not saved as the version you are using the R.Browser wont work. This is a guess tho hope it works. Regards Brendan
  18. Michael I am in New Zealand and we have a NZ/Australia version and its one of the best advances made. We get plugins that are tailored to this side of the world. One example and this is a small one of many is a 2d Plugin tool that generates all the sections of the structural steel we get here like .PFC's,UBeams,Channels so forth. Lots of preferences ,symbols, image props, textures ,hatches and Jonathans training manuals. Teffific support and value for money. The franchise here Megabits trust have worked damm hard and I think they are producing the best increase in sales for a country. The way they are doing it here down with the Ozcad should be noted by NNA . Its no accident that Vectorworks here is the fastest selling cad programme in NZ and is making inroads into the "A" programmes. I really hope you get better treatment in the days ahead. Take care Michael and hang in there .
  19. Dont take it out on me . Thats how the comment was said i ddint say it that way I thought I was only repeating what was being said. I feel Sorry for Michael if he is dealing with that sort of support. I think my comments may have helped to identify the source possibly of the problem and its not vectorwoks. I was taking the rational to the next conclusion to identify how ridiculous it was(the trainer comment),I wasnt judging I was rationlizing. Please dont judge me. No offense ever intended. Regards Brendan [ 03-24-2005, 04:57 PM: Message edited by: B.Balemi ]
  20. Good call Mike. Good call Alanmac. I think considering other posts with all due respects we are dealing with Michaels predetermined conclusion of Vectorworks without possibly being fully aware of its capabilities. [ 03-24-2005, 04:45 AM: Message edited by: B.Balemi ]
  21. "Even my trainer and software seller say that no UK practice uses VW for 3D work and hardly any of them use Architect or Renderworks - most are now using Sketchup." Geez i dont know what planet he is on. How well really does he know vectorworks. I would say very little. Sure some jobs I do extensive model presentation and others a bit less. Nearly all jobs (except small alterations ) I do at least 50% modelling at minimum. To hear a comment as qouted above tells me this dude is covering his butt for not knowing vectorworks very well and as a trainer and Seller,NNA should give him the proverbial boot. This is not blind loyalty but to take on board what is quoted would be . If you jokers in England are using vectorworks like this struth something is major wrong with the whole setup there. Just my thrupence worth anyway Brendan
  22. Ensure you are in 2dtop plan view to get this . Press 0 on your number pad and it should show often doing 2d work you slip into a 3d view that is why it is not showing. Brendan
  23. YES YES YES Especially that 11.5 dumps often. Its a pain opening again and resetting. Brendan (behind schedule)
  24. Yes I am now having more dumps a couple or three a day. 11.01 was good in this regard, things have regressed with 11.5 Also have any of you found it slowing down big time if 2 or more files are open. Rendering generally is slower especially Final Quality. Looking at the task Manager I have 1gig of ram and 412 is being used constantly? Regards Brendan p4 2.8 process 1Gig ram 64 video 2 monitors
  25. Maybe try placing .qtr instead of vww.after the workspace name should recognise this . I take it Tom you are using windows. About it working with 11.5 possibly it may not because it hasnt been released yet as Jonathan said Brendan
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