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  1. I am trying to find a quick and easy way of displaying roads/pathways etc on a 3D terrain formed from an interpolated surface. I have been duplicating my basic surface and then intersecting an extrusion the shape of my road with it. I was then hoping to raise the intersection say 50mm or so above the original surface so that it would then display when rendered. The intersection though does not seem to closely follow the profile of the terrain and I am having to raise it by half a metre before it displays OK. Any ideas??
  2. I am having trouble getting images of various parts of a project to export at the same scale. When I open them in photoshop they seem to be random sizes. Am using marquee. Can someone give me a bit of guidance in using the export option i.e. resolution, print size etc. Cheers Dan
  3. I have been attempting to convert VW11.5 sheet layers into PDF format. Although I am getting OK results hatches and patterns come out as solid black. Have tryed raising the resolution etc but no luck. Am using a program called PDF-Creator 0.81 that I have downloaded for free. Should I get full version of Adobe?
  4. Thanks very much, will give it a try Dan
  5. Can I get more control over the window mullions etc? For example setting the top pane height as you can for top door panels or getting curved headed windows without having a transom.
  6. I have just realised that the problem only occurs when in 2D top/plan view, switch to top view or a 3D view and the wall stays in the correct place and the inserted objects can be altered. In addition once selected I can switch back to 2D top/plan view and everything is ok. Go figure!
  7. Vectorworks Architect 11.0.1 on the PC, we are downloading the upgrade to 11.5 at the moment in the hope that this might help. The problem seems to arrise when we copy and paste in place walls from one layer to another.
  8. I have a floor plan in which the walls jump to an odd angle and get shortened when I select an object inserted in said wall. Short of rebuilding does anybody know why this is happening?
  9. Point taken, looks like I may be going shopping this weekend! Cheers Dan
  10. Sorry to keep going on about this, but I can only get one directional light object to have any effect on rendering in final shaded polygon.The ambient light setting doesn't do anything either. Everything works in open GL but thats not the rendering option I want to use. I had a look at NNA's gallery, I've a long way to go!
  11. Thanks for the advice. A the moment I am just rendering in final shaded polygon (although I hope to move onto renderworks at some point) and find the only way too get a neutral colour (no dark sides to a building) is to have the light object elevation at 90 degrees (straight down). This does though have the effect of bleaching the colour out of pale coloured objects. MAybe I just have to bite the bullet and get into renderworks? Is it a time consuming process??
  12. Is there a easy way of finding the light object that is controlling the rendering (final shaded polygon). Also is there an easy way of getting a neutral light render, I know you can use unshaded polygon but the rendering is not as good (odd and missing lines here and there). Bye the way, this site has been very useful for a 3D begginer, cheers. Dan
  13. DanS

    NURBS Roads

    I am having dificulties getting a NURBS road to fit the profile of my site. When I move one station point the others seem to move too. I know that interpolation is going on but the movement see random??
  14. DanS


    Does anybody know of a good tree PIO's. The ones in architect are a bit limited. Shrubs would be handy.
  15. DanS

    Kite treads

    Thanks very much, shame the PIO can't do it though.
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