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  1. How do you use the Marionette that Marissa made? I downloaded it and tried to use it with a poly line. Seems to only run with the curve that came with it. Can I use it on my own poly line or would that take customized programming?
  2. Well I just solved my own problem, but I'd like to know what happened? I converted a different instance of the same symbol to Group but this time I selected "Don't convert all sub-objects". Now it works as I expected without the permanent-selection box. What is the difference? what happened?
  3. I just converted a symbol to (all sub-objects), which did exactly what I was hoping for. But now it is permanently "selected" (highlighted). I even deleted the entire group/object and there is still an orange box on the screen that cannot be selected or deselected or moved, etc... What happened, what did I do? I have stair tread assembly as a symbol, but at the landing the construction is a little different so I just want to edit that tread without changing all the rest of the symbols. Thanks for your help
  4. @Kevin McAllister is this latter unfolding you are showing done in a different program called Rhino? Is there anything like this in Vectorworks that will "unfold"?
  5. Thanks everyone, this helped me find the 3d bolt tool. My question now is, why can't I choose "Automatic Plane" like I would when inserting a 3d lag screw. My 3d bolt ends up somewhere random on the "Layer Plane"? I'm using Architect.
  6. I have the same problem after switching to 2020, and yes "Renderworks Textures" is selected
  7. Not sure if it has already been suggested, but I would like to see this: When multiple objects are selected that have different qualities like line weight, it would be nice to see "blank" in that box so you know they are not all the same. I'm used to AUTO CAD which is how it is expressed. That way you know the objects have different qualities and can change the whole group accordingly.
  8. How do you "up-vote" a request like that from the thread you pasted here?
  9. Yeah, that's my work around too, just thought I'd check to see if it has been updated. I've recently added notes to some of my drawings that I don't want printed but if I, or anyone else, opens it up and the class has been turned off already, there's no way to know to turn it on and read the note (unless you look through all the class visibilities). But thanks for confirming my suspicions Boh.
  10. Is there still no option to in Vectorworks 2020 to have a visible class that never prints (similar to AUTO CAD's "non-plot" layer)? I know you can turn the visibility of the class off before printing, but that seems an extra, non-necessary, potentially troubling way to do something that could be really simple.


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