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  1. @Boh thanks for the ungroup tip, hadn't thought about that and has done the trick. seems to be a bug now that i notice it, seems to always default back to section line into the annotation regardless of choosing section, elevation or partial.
  2. When linking a section or elevation detail to viewport, it gives the option in the properties page and appears all is fine. Once you close the initial properties window it shows a red link chain, there is then no option (that i can find) that allows you to re establish the link or create a new one. The only workflow i can find is to delete, start again and then the same happens. Screen shots attached as per example. running VWX2020 SP3 OSX Mojave 10.14.16
  3. Just a note here, recently I had some major issues with VW2019, every time I seemed to click on a Plugin tool the program would crash and reboot, this happened when clicking a plugin object in a drawing. I spent a lot of time trying to work this out and turns out it was Adobe Creative cloud creating some type of conflict. I did a complete hard install of my entire machine and just installed VW2019, worked fine. installed Adobe Cloud them bam started crashing again. seems to work fine if I turn off the Adobe Cloud Services off in the background. In the crash report it seems to be a port conflict... but since discovering this VW2019 has been working a lot better for me although still lagging massively when using 4 or more Viewports per sheet layer so now I just export 1 or 2 into PDFS and if necessary fix it in illustrator. VW tech support has all the crash reports and information but I have not heard anything back to date.
  4. yes, going from design layer into viewport on sheet layer... been thinking about 2019 although i have not heard amazing reports to date and 2018 seems to be improved slightly since the latest SP.
  5. And this is why i just cannot use VW18 anymore..... 25min hang time to simply trim 1 line in a very basic line drawing.. takes 100% processing power?? WTF i redrew the entire drawing and finished it Rhino in under 1hr no issues, no lag, no hangs... gave up in VW18 after 2hrs and constant hangs and fails. not acceptable. not for the money you pay which is more than 4 times more than what Rhino want. I am hoping 2019 is try before you buy.. because there is no way I'm forking out more money to deal with this nonsense. Apologies, rant over...
  6. @Aargh im just referring to wireframe, i will always test run a viewport to see how it renders out at first but then convert back to wireframe to work with.
  7. @JimW Thanks for your feedback and quick response, one last question, do you think moving over to a dedicated EGPU will fix the current issues i have been having with VW2018 and its slowness and lagging in relation to Viewports and rendering in hidden line and open GL (something VW2017 seems to be fine with). i have made comments on previous threads in relation to this and it would appear others are having similar issues despite fairly spec'd out machines with VW2018 struggling on simple tasks processing simple geometry especially when it comes to Clip Cube and Section Viewports. As i am about to start needing to do more complex geometry and need VW's to start responding accordingly I am hoping a dedicated EGPU outside of the Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB that comes inbuilt in the Macbook Pro might do the trick. but it is an expensive path to go down to find it is in the software and not in the hardware.
  8. @JimW has there been any further development on this? thinking of getting an EGPU box for my MacBook pro but wanted to double check if it would assist in any way first.
  9. I have to totally agree with this, I have pretty much stopped using VW2018 as even the most simple files just grind to a halt. I have commented on this in the past in previous threads mostly in particular to viewports, i have found once you add 2 or 3 viewports to a sheet layer the lag is so bad it is unusable. forget about using clip cube or section viewport unless you have a whole day to render a single section it is faster just to redraw it as a line drawing in AutoCAD. I also Autocad, Sketchup, Rhino and the whole Adobe Designer suit and they all scream along with no issues, in fact, I usually have them all open at the same time and no problems at all. Opening VW 2018, I usually have to close everything on my machine, run only VW2018 which takes about 10 minutes to load and then spend the next 2-3hrs committing to seriously slow workflows that take way too long to process for simple tasks like a plan, section, elevation, isometric sheet layer, rendered in hidden line on what I would perceive to be basic geometry. As @scottmoore mentioned above they are very good at sending out the renewal invoices but I am so reluctant to upgrade as VW's has gone from my primary tool to my least favourite in the space of about 12 months it has cost me serious time in the last year and it seems anytime I meet up with peers who use VW2018 it is a common conversation, the 2019 release better be pretty amazing to hold on to their existing customer base
  10. @Art V thanks for responding, im no expert but it seems to be a cache memory thing, although my system memory seems to be ok, its almost like adding a 3rd or 4th Viewport just tips the app over the edge regardless of how complex or detailed the drawing is, the lag is so bad its completely unusable. I experimented with just drawing a cube and then viewporting plan, section, elevation and iso and by ISO i couldn't use it any more the software just grinds to a halt, all in wireframe on an a4 sheet. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon as you know, 2018 wasnt cheap and having to revert to 2017 and gasp... other competitors software packages to do basic work isnt ideal. perhaps they will offer a discount for 2019... 😜 ill give the snaps a go, thanks.
  11. Hi, 2018 keeps driving to a complete unusable halt in my sheet layers after introducing a 3rd or 4th viewport. My drawings are pretty light and are not too complex and only rendering in wireframe (to consider another rendering format is unthinkable) the program then becomes unusable with massive delays, jerky zoom and content disappearing when zoom is halted. The same file in 2017 works fine, is this a known issue with 2018? A quick check on the system shows CPU running @6% and RAM only @ 8gb of 16gb
  12. hi call me daft but is there anyway to see your viewport crop in the design layer after it is made? i thought this used to be a feature but can no longer make it work. currently in VW2017
  13. WOW!!! what an amazing response, thank you all for your feedback, it is all greatly noted, i will have a play around and post what i find. Thanks again. Josh
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