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  1. Hi Pmcd, I have not found a solution. I ended up recreating the offending viewport and closing the floating view window. I was able to keep working without the problem recurring. Since you have the same problem in the earlier version, obviously this is something that requires a bigger fix.
  2. Running Vectorworks 2020 on iMac 10.15.5 When I try to change the line weight on a call out leader, the text changes when I change the line weight. I am not using the database, just typing in each note. I had been typing out notes, in viewport annotations, selecting all and putting them into the notes category for a few hours on monday, working fine. At some point I tried to do this process and the change in class resulted in all the different callouts changing to the same note along with applying the class preferences. Callouts were otherwise in "none" class. Undid and tried to just change one leader line weight, which also resulted in the text changing. The text that is reverted to is the text that appears in the dialog box, when I try to create a new callout. Oddly, not the most recent text I inserted. Quit and restarted the application, relaunched, no change. Upgraded to 2021, migrated the document, no change. Opened back-up from 6:15 in 2020 problem didn't exist. Opened back-up from 6:25 in 2020, same thing happens in the same viewport, others don't seem to be effected. I also deleted that viewport in my main document and started a new one, same issue persisted. Another related oddity; the annotations window was behaving strangely. When I double clicked on any viewport and went into annotations, the viewport remained highlighted and I couldn't select all callouts. I could only select one and it wouldn't highlight or allow me to select the same a second time. I resolved this by closing the floating view plane, which had been open all session. That done, I could select all, but the above callout issue persisted in the bad viewport. I recreated the process with a new viewport and new notes, with the floating pane closed and so far (30 mins) the odd behavior has not returned. Unfortunately loosing the floating window is not ideal. any fixes? Suzannah
  3. Thanks Kevin, I have found the Revision Marker vwx file in the resource manager, however no items are shown in the file. How do I reveal the marker choices? The folder "Object Styles" does not show up in the Active Symbol Def drop down at all. I appreciate your help! Suzannah
  4. the revision marker tool no longer appears in 2019 Dim/Notes tool set. where did it go? S Reid Mac OS 10.13.14
  5. Hi all, once the relevant wall styles are in the resource browser, can the generic list of wall types that show up in the wall preferences be dumped of all the unused wall styles? just by way of getting rid of superfluous stuff Suzannah
  6. thank you! that is perfect!!
  7. is there any way to toggle between the tool modes with a key command, instead of having to click with the mouse on each tool mode to activate it?
  8. I think it would be a good wish list item. a preference under the dimension tab would be fine, I actually thought it might be a good class attribute, then it could be used for keynotes, etc. The ability to set the preference/attribute would simply be one less thing to think about in the creation of drawings, no global domination intended.
  9. Is there anyway to keep all dimensions to the front of all other objects in the drawing, as a default, short of making a separate layer? I keep them in their own class, but this does not assure that they stay infront of other items in the drawing and a separate layer gets too cumbersome. thanks Mac OSX 10.4.9 vectorworks 12.5
  10. Greetings! I am having a problem with id tags. when I click near the door and then on the door to assign an id, the actual tag ends up 'miles' away off my screen and I can't find it unless I turn on "show id leader". Then I can move it into the correct location. In the last hour however, I can no longer move the tag, only resize the whole thing, door, wall and tag. Not particularly useful. Any thoughts!? Mac OSX 10.4.8 Power Mac 1.8 ghz dual processor. vectorworks 12.5.1
  11. Thanks EvB!! That was the elegant solution I was looking for. SR
  12. Hi all, Is there any way to divide a line or rectangle into equal parts automatically, that is without doing the math. And ideally if the initial line or rectangle is resized the equal parts would also resize. I am only thinking of this as a 2D operation. Thanks in advance SR
  13. Is there anyway to modify the stair object? I need to draw a stair (with 3D) which has winding treads instead of a full width landing. (existing condition) Or can I add a tread in the center of the landing of a double back configuration? Thanks for the help
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