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  1. On 5/8/2022 at 9:39 PM, Pat Stanford said:

    Do you realize that the VW worksheet is actually OLDER than Excel? So why didn't Excel adopt the VW standard (which I think was actually the Visicalc standard)?



    Cosmic coincidence I was just watching this




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  2. On 3/24/2022 at 6:03 PM, Tom W. said:

    iLovePDF.com was recommended here by someone a while back + I've been using it ever since


    Thats actually where I landed after posting. Works great!


    I actually have no images at all. Its all a mix of wireframe and shaded/openGL graphics on 300 dpi sheets. 8 pages = 27mb.


    I think the above mention service is really terrific, thats how I do it now. Same 8 pages = 4.5mb, no visible loss.



  3. Hi


    Anyone got a good workflow for getting PDF export sizes down?


    I do A3 sized sheets and a lot of pages and the PDFs look great but are unmailable.


    I can recompress it with acrobat pro but its a bit clunky. There are some online solutions I think


    Anyway, would love to hear if anyone has ideas


    Thank you

  4. Can we agree that there are other industries than the one you are referring to? In my world nobody uses pangolin.

    And why should it matter? Why would Vectorworks feel the need to dictate what other products one uses. None of the other visualisers do.


    Sorry but this is a strict business decision and vectorworks is in cahoots with pangolin. And thats their right I suppose, but I refuse to sugarcoat it.


    I apologize for rambling on, I mean no offense to anyone. I have to cancel my vision subscription and change my workflow and it becomes a waste of precious time, thats why I feel strongly about it.

  5. 12 hours ago, JHR said:


    Although yes, they both are the US company, I don't judge! But I don't see it like it would brought any issue or whatsoever 😛


    There is absolutely no technichal reason to only implement one brand like that. And its not to the benefit of the user -quite the oppposite.

    Its like only supporting one brand of light desk in vision, it would make no sense. Pretty sad imho.


  6. Hi


    We have had many conversations here about the difficulties of modern video projection design in vectorworks. The hybrid nature of the video screen tool seems to require a linear wall projection, which is very rarely the case in these days of videomapping and creative projection. Why do I have to break the symbol functionality to be able to project vertically on the floor?


    So, does the 2D symbol part of a projector hold so much value that it can't just be fired? Or optionally disabled in the OIP? I for one would be more than happy to forego having everything lined up in pretty 2D in plan view if I can put the projector and screen where I want.


    So short term, please disable hybrid functionality.


    Long term, rework the video screen tool to support any polygon as screen and a projector object that can be moved anywhere, at any angle, with a frostum that is locked to the screen object.


    In any case this straight on projection limitation seems like a silly problem for a otherwise wonderful videoscreen tool.


    Thank you




    @trashcan Feel free to correct or add. I know this is something you deal with as well.

    @C. Andrew Dunning Is this something that works differently in your wonderful tool?

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  7. Hi


    I am Modeling some objects in fusion 360 to use in vectorworks as symbols. Is there a way to keep the simplicity of these brep models intact in VW?

    Importing them as STL or STEP works, but its not a very pretty mesh and it can get heavy. Is there something similar in VW to the brep or body in fusion 360?



  8. On 1/18/2022 at 9:53 PM, Thomas Peters said:

    Maybe the data manager will help you with this?

    Here is a link to a great demo




    @Pat Stanford Thats why I posted this in feature requests and not in trouble shooting 🙂

    It seems to me that there is a gap between the functionality of the OIP and marionette.

    Some basic scripting funtionality and a few global parameters would go a very long way to remedy a lot of repetetive tasks.


    @Thomas Peters Intriguing but I am not allowed to see the link, no permission



  9. Hi


    So how can I reference records data in the OIP? In width or height for example. At the moment, every object has to have hard coded values in the OIP boxes. Marionette is total overkill for most tasks.


    Here is what I mean: I might want to have all my bolts be "material thickness+nut+washer+tolerance" long. So if I change the material thickness i dont have to update every single bolt. Symbols can work, but only if all assemblies are the same.


    Or maybe some simple scripting like putting height*0.5 into the width and have it follow if I change the height.




  10. I have a total number of sheets in my titleblock layout. For some reason it remains zero, even if I have a bunch of sheet layers.

    The Sheet Data.Sheet Number works fine.


    Not sure when it started happening, it was not always so. Here is an example in a document with 5 sheet layers.



    Thanks for any advice


  11. Adding some 3D Loci to strategic points within the frostum symbol could help. Then snap the rotation tool to these loci. You might have to enable 3D loci visibility in your prefs. Its a theory but maybe worth a shot





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