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  1. Thomas Peters

    Fast Flat v0.9.1

    @michaelk thank you for making this. This is super cool! Any chance of some class manageability making it into v1.0? I.e. the ability to rename the created classes and having the stay that way?
  2. Thomas Peters

    VW2018 SP5 can't see record formats in OIP

    I still have the exact same issue in VW2018, now on SP6, and on a completely different machine. All known updates installed. Downgrading this machine to High Sierra seems ridiculous at this point, but I don't have this issue on my MBP that I downgraded after the initial post here. I've paid good money for this software, I expect it to function properly, on the current operating system, for at least a few years.
  3. Thomas Peters

    Date format in current plot date

    Thank you @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, I've hijacked this thread only because I've googled this problem that's been annoying me several times in the last few months. Unfortunately Service Packs to VW2019 do not help me, having purchasing my 2018 license in April 2018. To be clear, a broken function reported almost 12 months ago has been ignored over the course of 5(.2) service packs and there's no hope for any remedy?
  4. Thomas Peters

    Date format in current plot date

    It has now been just under 12 months since this bug was reported, several service packs have come and gone, and I have paid for my VW2018 license which presumably won't see another service pack. Has this bug really not yet been addressed?
  5. Thomas Peters

    VW2018 SP5 can't see record formats in OIP

    Good news: SP5.2 seems to have fixed this!
  6. Thomas Peters

    VW2018 SP5 can't see record formats in OIP

    Thanks @zoomer, Installed the 10.14.1 update- the field remains blank, but I can click blindly where the selection used to be and select different record fields. I use records extensively, this is not good.
  7. Thomas Peters

    VW2018 SP5 can't see record formats in OIP

    Mojave, of course. Installed OS update and then SP5 yesterday.
  8. Updated VW2018 to SP5 with noticeable performance improvements. I now can't see or edit the multiple different records attached to a symbol in the OIP. ūüĎé
  9. In VW2010 I used to overhang or out rig fixtures using "set 3D orientation" but in VW2013 the light all want to focus toward some unset focus point- can I deactivate this? How do I get around this?
  10. I'll gladly take those Layher symbols? thomas (at) thomaspeters (dot) co (dot) za
  11. Thomas Peters

    Truss Disappearing When Converted To Lighting Position

    It disappears because there's only a 3D component to the symbol- when you make it a position it shows the 2D object in Plan View. I'm struggling with a similar problem with my Prolyte symbols at the moment. Do you need to create a lighting position? You could just stick the fixtures on the truss as is.
  12. Thomas Peters

    drawing booms in 3D

    Both are pretty simple to questions. 1) Orienting fixtures: With the fixture selected, in the OIP scroll the "Set 3D orientation", check the box, and set it up. It's easiest to be in a 3D view for this. 2) Drawing pipe: I draw a circle, 24mm diameter, and then extrude (cmd+e) to the length I want, i.e. 1000mm etc. Then I go to the front view and rotate (cmd+L) to get it to horizontal position.


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