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  1. I know that many of us would like to see more options for Dimensions.

    Here in Canada for example we often have clients or contractors who want to see drawings  that may include Imperial Dimensions. To avoid a large number of Dual Dimensions the following is what I do & it will work the same for for mm & cm display.


    - Edit the Units and set the main Units of Length to whatever is the most used in the document (for example cm)

    - Choose Dual Dimensions & set the Dual Dimension to mm

    - Add Dimensions as you normally would in your document

    - When you need to show mm change the dimension setting to Dual Dimensions (you may want to add a custom Dimension to your Dimension Standards)

    - Un-check the box marked "SHOW DIM VALUE"

    - What remains is the mm value


    I can't find a way to edit the 2nd Dimension Value to do away with the rectangular brackets, so this may be inelegant, but hey, it works!

  2. I run into this from time to time & this time I can't find where to adjust this. An extruded circle becomes a hexagon in plan. I thought there used to be something in the IOP that allowed one to set the "segment" but I don't see that. Choosing a High level of detail in the IOP for a Viewport doesn't seem to work either. 


    One of those things that I should know, & thought I did known; but obviously don't know.  


    Please help prevent an old geezer from pounding his head onto the desk any more than than is necessary!

  3. Thanks Jeff, but in VW2019, I can only change this from the Export PDF only results in Changing the Grey level on a Export of a single Sheet basis, essentially the same thing as print PDF. There may be another place to find this setting, but the ironically named "Help" does not list this nor does looking in the usual locations. You may note that the Button on the bottom reads EXPORT & not SAVE. Any other tips?


  4. On 7/21/2021 at 2:05 PM, Art V said:

    As long as it is not going to be Celine Dion singing My Heart Will Always Go On (from the movie Titanic) we should be ok I guess. 😁


    When you listen to this song and listen carefully and realize that the words are really "That the HOT DOG GOES ON!" one may never listen to the song & not hear that line forever!


    You are welcome

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  5. I have a friend & sometimes client who's colour blind. Years ago I was working with his firm on some models for a public meeting & I kept asking what the large pink thing was & should I get rid of it. Pressed for time he groused "Never mind that, just get the images to the service bureau !" & I shrugged & had everything ordered. My pal was embarrassed by the number one question at the public meeting was "What's that big Pink Thing?". The big pink thing was a mistake someone had made early in the project & that his colour blindness did not allow him to see.


    Lately I've been working on a heritage project and the chair of the heritage group is also colour blind & has asked me to assist him in deciphering some planning & land use documents their committee receive from other consultants & government agencies because the nuance in colour changes are not visible to him. We who work with graphics & colour to communicate often don't recognize this disadvantage & that our work might not be totally understood by some people. 


    My suggestion for VW is for two ideas that could help when users are preparing documents for public review: 

    1) The relatively easy one is to offer a "Colour Blind Palette" that users could choose when preparing presentations documents so all viewers may see contrast when that's required so users could choose to use these colours

    2) The more difficult, but more interesting suggestion would be a "Colour Blind Filter" that one could employ to give normal sighted the ability to quickly review their output to ensure the "Giant Pink Thing" is visible to everyone who'd like to know what the heck that thing is

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  6. Looking forward to using 2021 - after the first SP (I'm even going to try & get over the cartoon icons).


    Have not really seen if there have been any improvements to the many BMW's (B____ Moan & Whine) at the top of my list is the stair "tool".


    - Kicking myself for using it in a hurry rather than creating a model & the stair created just goes away. But not gone gone, just in most viewports, & not in others.

    I know, don't ever use it but sometimes I think "oh just this once". In future I'm going to put a Toonie in a jar every time I think that thought & just make a model.

  7. Sorry, this is a bit confusing due to some terms being similar to others.

     What I am experiencing is that once a Viewport has it's Layer & Class Visibility set it seems that this Viewport is forever "stuck" with the choice of how the Layers & Classes are "SHOWN" ie Show/Snap etc. There is an option to change this on the fly, but from my experience, one may not change this setting for a Viewport without making a new Viewport. 


    When establishing a Viewport Layer Visibilities this choice locks the Visibility, it can be changed, when one navigates to the Design Layer, but that change is only temporary  

    Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 17.39.11 (2).png


    Regardless of a Design Layer's visibility in the Nav Palette, the Viewport's visibility is Locked.

    Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 17.53.50 (2).png

  8. @Andy Broomell  


    When I establish a Viewport, I have SHOW SNAP OTHERS for my Design Layer View as the default. So I go into a Viewport and I want to be able to adjust stuff in other Design Layers so WITHIN the Design Layer I change the Design Layer View to SHOW SNAP MODIFY OTHERS. Now I have made several Viewports with this (mistakenly) as my Design Layer View & I want to change these Viewports to the default SHOW SNAP OTHERS.


    It sounds like I am stuck with this unless I rebuild all of these Viewports. So a couple of hours work to correct a minor mistake, or leave it, & hope for the best.  If this is the case I'll add this as a Wish List Item. 

  9. 16 hours ago, Andy Broomell said:

    . Any further changes would be made by clicking on the viewport's Layers button in the OIP.


    @Andy Broomell  I totally understand that a Viewport's visibility is set when it's established, & that one may edit the Design Layers & Class visibilities; however the choice of a Layer's "Active Only" or "Grey Others" or "Show Snap Modify Others" does not seem to be a something that may be edited. The exception to this is when one navigates to a Design Layer then these choices may be made, but a change to these kinds of Layer Visibilities is only temporary.


    It seems reasonable that there should be a place to alter this either universally or on an individual basis. Unless I'm missing something. 

    Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 11.26.04 (2).png

  10. 20 hours ago, Boh said:

    In New Zealand the “tread” depth is the distance from the front edge of the tread to where it hits the riser. The “going” is the horiz distance from front edge of tread to front edge of the next tread. (I.e. tread minus nosing).


    I only recent realised vw treads are different from NZ treads....



    So I wonder if this this a British vs American Empire thing. As you're in NZ & I'm in the Great White North & I suspect we share legacy "standards" from ol' Blighty more than I share some "standards" with my brother south of the 49th does with me. 

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