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  1. @MGilc Hello! UK Tech Support here. Happy to try to help 🙂 Which version of Vectorworks are you using? There are libraries of skylights within Vectorworks you can use. Please see screenshot attached. If you make sure your filter is set to All Resources in your Resource Manager, then within the search type Skylight. Hopefully these should come up. If not you may need to refresh your libraries under the Resource Manager settings. The little cog drop down menu. Let me know if you find the libraries.
  2. @Kara Robertson @Jessca We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the student site at the moment. These issues are being looked into and should be resolved shortly. Once this is back up and running we can approve both requests. 😀 Thanks! Helen
  3. @Jon V If you could email through to uktech@vectorworks.net and we can see if we can try and help.
  4. @zoeageorg Please let us know if you need any further assistance with your Vectorworks file. If the file is still causing you issues after Neil's advice, please send us an email through to uktech@vectorworks.net and we would be happy to help.
  5. @Miguel If you could email uktech@vectorworks.net with the email address you use for your student portal account and we will be happy to help.
  6. Hi @smarney20 If you could send through your student portal details through to uktech@vectorworks.net we should be able to help resolve this for you. Best Wishes Helen
  7. @Jesse Desrosiers If you contact tech@vectorworks.net the team in the US will be happy to help get this resolved for you. Best Wishes Helen
  8. Hi Lucy, We are more than happy to help, if you send through an email to uktech@vectorworks.net we can help. Best Wishes Helen
  9. Hi John, Apologies for the delayed response, please find below the compatibility list for the different versions of Vectorworks. Hopefully this is what you are looking for. Best Wishes Helen
  10. Afternoon David, You are most welcome, glad you are all up and running, please get in touch in the future if we can help at all. 🙂 Have a lovely day! Helen
  11. Hi John, Please find below a link to the 2020 system requirements. Windows 10 is compatible, however this all depends on the rest of the hardware of the machine. If you would like any advice on your machine, please send through your machine specifications and we can advise you further. If you pop an email with this information on to uktech@vectorworks.net we would be happy to advise. Best Wishes Helen
  12. Hi Dom, I have taken a look at your student account and the license has been extended til the 27th July 2020. Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues. Good luck with your studies! Best Wishes Helen
  13. Morning David, We are happy to help, have you checked the scale of the drawing to make sure this is correct, this would probably be the first port of call. Secondly, we would recommend starting your design on a separate layer so this is separate from the DWG which has been imported so it is easier to determine what geometry is from the DWG and what is from your design. When drawing a wall are you using the wall tool? Or are you using the line tool or polyline tool? I have posted a link to our Vectorworks university which i think will really help with this process. https://university.vectorworks.net/ If you have any questions please get in touch and email us at uktech@vectorworks.net and we would be happy to help. Best Wishes Helen
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