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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have a disabled bathroom block in 3d or perhaps the specific toilet, sinks that can be used? I have always just used a 2d block so far, but wondered if Vectorworks had this capability. I know Revit does. Thank you
  2. Hi again all, Why when I create a camera or ramp is the text so horrendously huge? I cannot see any option to reduce the text size. Scale does affect it, but why would I have to change the scale of the drawing to accommodate some small piece of text information. That is not a solution. What am I missing here?? On another drawing I was working on, it was normal - the size relative to the camera or ramp. Just for a sense of scale this is at 1:100, and the square in the screenshot is 10 x 10m Thank you.
  3. How about for annotations such as for planning drawings to say "new door" or "Remove existing sanitary ware". I just keep that on a different layer and in model space. Similarly for demolition, so far I remove the wall in 3d and draw 2d hatch and dashed line though I expect to not do this when I grasp the proper BIM method.
  4. Actually, no problem it was the scale of the document...
  5. Hi All, How on earth do I change the settings of the dimension tool to show arrows???? It's driving me insane. The Dim Standard in the object info does nothing to change that, and I cannot for the life of me change the text size either. Where am I going wrong here?? Some setting? Brutal. Thanks
  6. HI thanks. Got it, yes I used a curtain wall and the same method for a wall. Cheers.
  7. Hi, How would you go about doing a glazed gable like the picture shown? A walled gable can be achieved of course by using the fit walls to object in AEC but how about glazing? Any advice would be really appreciated
  8. Ahh I get it thank you!
  9. from university tutorial Essentials
  10. For slabs, should the external walls not start from elevation 0, the slab sit on top of that (so it's surrounded by the external walls) and then all your internal walls will have to have a different elevation (therefore a different layer?) so they all sit on the slab ??? Very confused. What is the correct way to have slabs?? Surely not how the tutorial Essentials suggests.
  11. I've a question about the method of creating slabs, as I think I'm doing it wrong. When I create my walls, I use the slab tool which creates the slab and always it sits below the walls (see picture from tutorial from Vectorworks university Essentials). But this isn't how a slab and external wall would be. The walls would go right down to the External ground level, not float above it with an exposed slab; Currently my model has this exposed slab around it (see picture) as the tutorial does it. The walls are on 0 elevation, and the walls built up from the top of the slab, the slab built from top down. I saw a different variation from Jonathon Reeves with the base brick (see picture) How would this be done? Does he essentially draw another base wall around the slab?
  12. Hi again all, So I have an existing plan and I just want to show the basic furniture - sink, toilet. I have no intention of modelling a 3D kitchen as it will take time, especially for me. Where in the resource manager are just flat 2d blocks? As always any help would be really appreciated
  13. MGilc


    Ahhh ITS TOP PLAN. That's the issue... Sorry fixed now. I will never learn! Thanks!!
  14. MGilc


    Ok Thanks for trying anyway. It's the same on a Mac and a pc. Could be just a gappy line type. Kind of infuriating when the model looks one way and the sheet looks another. Reminds me of LT Scale, PSLT Scale, MS Scale...Etc from Autocad.
  15. MGilc


    Seems like it's just something on my machine / Vectorworks settings then. What could that be?


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