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  1. Hi all, For some reason my heliodon when placed is not really doing much. I usually can control the sun etc - however I am getting nothing - just a very dark space & not a lot going on. This has never happened before - and help welcomed Thank you , David
  2. This has been a problem on my lap top for months - ok on my main computer - never had a problem like they before
  3. Hi there, I keep getting the same message & cannot download or make active any resources - your help appreciated - thank you
  4. Hi all, all of a sudden VW will not allow me to make a any resource active, I keep getting this sign - please help as I am going crazy trying to fix this Thankyou ALL 🙂
  5. David Bracher


    Hi All, I have VW on my main Mac & lap top. All of a sudden I cannot activate any of the libraries, cannot insert anything. It was working & now not? Any help welcomed Thank u all
  6. Hi All, I have managed a radial hardscape in 2D, how on earth do I get a radial hardscape in 3D -I am going crazy !!! Big thanks David
  7. Hi All, In landscape does this texture exist ? I am sure I saw it somewhere & cannot think what it's called 😞 See below for a pic of what I am looking for. Huge thanks VW people D 🙂
  8. Hi there & huge thanks, It was the Scale, I was downloading in Meters & the Survey was in mm 🙂 Biggest thanks David
  9. Hi All, Going crazy here. I have imported my first DWG, however what do I do next. How do I design on this . It's a survey of a garden. For instance, I try to draw a wall, however no wall, just a line. What do I need to do now ? Huge thanks David
  10. Hi All, can I stop an action , IE timing out ?
  11. OMG - U star - I was about to scream 🙂
  12. Can anyone tell me how I turn off the very annoying curser clicking Huge thanks D


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