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  1. David Bracher

    David Bracher

    Hi Rob, YOU are right - thank you thank you
  2. David Bracher

    David Bracher

    Hello, I have an object that has become ghost like , I can not click on it , move it ? It just sits there like a ghost Sny help please
  3. David Bracher


    Hello dear people can you please help. I create a hardscape using the hardscape too. Everything looks fine in 'topview' I then click to right isometric, everything disappears. I have tried open GL etc etc , I am going crazy, and suggestions please Thank you David
  4. David Bracher

    Moving an object

    Thank you -:)
  5. David Bracher

    Moving an object

    Hi All, I draw a rectangle in 2D, I extrude the rectangle creating a box (so to speak). I now want to turn that object on its side. How can I do this, going crazy all help welcomed David
  6. David Bracher

    Grid Not working

    Hello dear VW folk, My grid has disappeared ūüėě I just cannot get it back on the page, Any suggestions
  7. David Bracher


    I am new to the world of Vectorworks. can anyone advise me as to how I print a design to actual scale. Aby help really appreciated - thank you david


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