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  1. Thanks Helen, but what I'm after is guidance on which of the older VW versions work on Windows 10. As far back as when? I can't possibly afford VW2020, so I must buy a second hand license. The older and cheaper the better - I use VW at a pretty basic level Many thanks John
  2. Anyone with a license to sell for an old version which runs on Windows 10 64bit? I had assumed it had to be VW2015 or newer, but if an older version will, well and good. Many thanks - my email is jdelradice@gmail.com
  3. I'm using VW2008 Architect and need to change it for a Windows 10 compatible version. I draw things in a basic 2D way. Would I be ok buying a second hand license in any of the other VW versions - Fundamentals, Designer, Landmark etc? I'd have more choice then
  4. Daniel - I'm in the same predicament, going from VW2008 Architect on XP to something that will work on Windows 10. How have you solved it?
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