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  1. No matter what setting I change in the publishing option, it doesn't affect the output file. I would like to not have 11MB file for 1 A3 but apparently it is too much asking. I remember having the same issue with first version of VW2020. Like how is it possible to have bugs again and again every year for the same things ?
  2. Well from my personal experience I know that converting an old project to a newer VW version is a terrible idea ! And if the old project had referenced file, oh boy you better be good at meditation and managing your anger. I had issues with display, georeference, visibility tool, and probably more...(at least until SP3 but that's like in 9 months) In short, my rule of thumb : Work on project with the associated VW version.
  3. I cannot get the visibility tool to work with a Viewport - Referenced. Someone else is experiencing this issue ? Edit : It doesn't work if one of the two files (or both) have been converted from 2021 to 2022. Now I remember I had the same issue last year. If both file are created in VW 2022 it work fine.
  4. Typical case scenario : I am working with a survey referenced and I need to import the boundaries of my site. Instead of going back and forth to the Xref file or manually tracing over it I wish we could have something Select Similar Tool extended to the content of the Xref file. And the possibility to activate the content of referenced file so it interact with current geometry (like the ability to use Inner/outer Boundary Mode on Xref).
  5. Hi Pat, Nope, Viewport Class are normal as per default. Just changing the Pen style & Color to 'By Class' is actually changing the Fill in the section Viewport which doesn't make sense... See example in the file attached Landscape area Test.vwx
  6. I've experienced issues with the Section Viewport and Landscape Area : Case scenario Vectoworks 2021 OZ SP1 Win 10 Landscape area applied to a site model (3D poly or Texture bed) and section Viewport is created. Issue Landscape Area Components (Fill/Texture/Hatches or Material) are not showing as they should in Section Viewport. Fix Select Landscape Area and Disable 'By Class' in the Attributes Info Palette as it is overwriting other set up options.
  7. @Dylan No worries 😉 Yes, Everything that needs to be scheduled. Note that you can also attach a record format to a group. And you can copy/past record format with Eyedropper. So if you've got a nice class structure you can easily select apply/modify an entire bunch of object. (e.g. bring a symbol with the vapour barrier record format attached and copy/past the record format to the group of line). Plus you can also select from your worksheet (e.g. every element having ID number 1.1) and modify the record format of those elements from your worksheet. So it's a pretty flexible solution. Takes a bit of time to implement at the beginning but you get your money back with the annotations and schedule process.
  8. @Dylan Hi Dylan, I'm implementing that workflow on a project for the moment. I've done it like this : Create a record format with all kind of information you would need in your future report ( I have : ID number, Description, Sheet detail, related Sheet details, Specifications, Manufacturer, Product Name, Size, Thickness, Color, Finish, etc) Attach the record to every object that you will need to be scheduled Create your worksheet and link all the data from your record format. Create different report depending on what you want to show. E.g. I have a report showing just : ID number, Sheet detail, Related sheet detail. ( this is on my general material plan) Another one for the size, color, finish, manufacturer, specifications etc. ( this is for my material schedule) Create a custom data Tag to show your ID number. I have for example : 1. Masonry (category) 1.1 Retaining wall (Element) 1.1.1 Blockwork (Parts) 1.1.2 Render( Parts) etc. Note : You can create a report with just 2 column to create your legend. The good thing with that workflow is that you can modify you ID number directly from your worksheet and all the same number at once. Here is a chart of my workflow
  9. @Elin Did you put your data tag on the viewport ? I Could not find a data tag just for elevation so I quickly made one. Have a look at the file attached. Is that what you want to achieve ? On your design layer : Set your 3D stakes on the site model Create a section Set your section viewport on a new sheet layer On the sheet layer : Enter annotation mode in your viewport Use the data tag on your stakes. (As mentionned, I made a custom one. It takes 2 min and you can save it in your library. See picture below) Elevation data tag.vwx
  10. @Elin Maybe try using 3D Stakes and Data Tag to get the elevation in your viewport
  11. What I meant is when you have a perspective viewport and you open the edit panel, there is that option 'Camera' that you can use to modify your point of view (even when you didn't set up a camera.. I know it's a bit confusing). But as for your case it does look really painful ! Are you working in Open GL to move around ? Textures are the next suspect to check. I tend to move around in Wireframe if I ever use a camera. Very rare thing.. I usually don't even touch the camera or use the rendering tool of VW. The gap with Lumion or Twinmotion is just too big. VW is great for lots of things but rendering...Haha. I think they already gave up actually. No one can be good at everything I guess !
  12. Well I've got the same results as you. The operation takes ~50s to perform. Looks like it's handled by only one CPU so hopefully this kind of operation will be improve in 2021 with performance enhancement on multi tread. Also you can reduce your waiting time by getting the right setting on a smaller sample of your curtain wall (or just one side). That's a lot less geometry to process -> much faster to perform. That's my best advice 😕
  13. Can you share your file ? or just what we can see on that layer if there's some sensitive info.
  14. Why editing your viewport point of view using crop and not camera ? My model does also lag if I edit the point of view with Edit/Crop but not at all when using Edit/Camera
  15. The viewport from the referenced file looks like a Wireframe Top view were the first one looks like a Top Plan View. Is your referenced viewport on a Design layer or Sheet Layer ? They're behaving differently accordingly. Are you trying to reference that viewport on a design Layer so you can make another viewport of that viewport to mix Top View(3D) and Plan View (2D)? (A viewport Inception 😛)
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