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  1. Thank you Andy, you resolved my issue ! Selecting the All or Any criteria before adding a new one was the key to nest properly.
  2. Could we have to possibility to mix All criteria in this set and Any criteria in this set ? I was trying to make a simple line legend of a particular viewport and wanted to show Any objects that is a line, polyline or polygon but I want to ignore the one on the class none. But is doesn't seems possible. I know I can manualy delete them via Cell visibility and sorting but it seems that it should be possible to parameter. Is my logic incorrect or is it a tool limitation ?
  3. Similar kind of issues are happening with landscape area component and site model component. I experienced this too with hardscape component but that has been solved with SP1.
  4. I guess that it is suppose to display the same way hardscape component does. But for some reason it does not display anything. Can others confirm ?
  5. Yep I confirmed, problem is back ! Weird Looks like a speacial gift from SP1 @administrator Could someone look at it please, the problem exist since 2020 !
  6. The improvements introduced to the Site Modifier are great but there is one detail that makes part of the new feature 'Grade limit / Define by contours' a bit useless : The inability to use a simplification tolerance on the modified contour, making the vertices count going through the roof as soon as a curve is used. Could we plase have a simplification tolerance added to the Contour Edit ? Cheers
  7. Thanks a lot Letti, I will let you know if I make any progress !
  8. Well I can't say that I have experienced (this) issue so far. They have made some critical improvement with the site model and the modifiers ! And the ability to realign contours under Grade limits should fix that.
  9. Wow that's great and impressive Letti ! The result looks to be very close to what I was looking for. Your code is far beyond my scripting level but I will study it and try to learn from it. Thank you for your time !
  10. Thanks Pat, Unfortunately I am not yet familiar with Vectorscript or Python. I have been trying to create a node to decompose a polyline into segment based on the node "Compose" but I am getting an error : NameError ("name 'hPoly' is not defined" I am a bit out of my depth here... @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node( 'Decompose' ) this.SetDescription('Decompose similar to how the Decompose menu command would.') #Input Ports hPoly = Marionette.PortInLists( [],'Poly') hPoly.SetDescription('A poly') #OIP Controls #Output Ports out = Marionette.PortOut('Vertices') out.SetDescription('The resulting vertices') #BEHAVIOR this.SetLinksObjects() def RunNode(self): #functions def Add_Handle(obj): out_list.append(obj) #inputs Poly = self.Params.hPoly.value #script out_list = [] vs.DSelectAll() for h in hPoly: vs.SetSelect(( vs.CreateDuplicateObject(h, vs.Handle(0)) )) vs.Marionette_DisposeObj(h) vs.DoMenuTextByName('Decompose', 0) vs.ForEachObject(Add_Handle,'(VSEL=TRUE)') #outputs self.Params.out.value = out_list
  11. Hi, I would like to create a network that create new polygons based on an existing one and a condition. The idea is to 'highlight' (create a new poly) the portion of the polygon where the area width is less than a given distance (here 1500mm). I can think of two avenues to approach this : One might be to run a polyline offset around the boundary and use the intersecting point as delimitation for the new poly. (which is kind of what I do manually) But then I am stuck with translating the use of the 'bucket' 2D polygon Tool : Inner boundary Mode in marionette ? Another approach I was thinking was to use the proximity test (using part of Sbarrett's wrapper) of a series of 2D points on the poly and filter them with a condition, (and ignore a certain amount of consecutive ones I guess to avoid false positive) Would someone have a better idea or have done something similar ? Thanks Fred
  12. Right now the stake tool required you to click in the elevation box, enter your elevation then place the stake. I know it does not seems like much but going back and forth to the elevation box then the drawing can be strenuous when entering hundreds of points manually. Having the possibility of a pop up box allowing to enter the next elevation after each stake being placed would be a nice and simple addition. Or Just being able to hit the Tab key to enter the elevation box maybe. Just something that give the possibility to skip going to click in that tiny elevation box would be nice. Thank you kind developing team
  13. @jeff prince Yes I think it is a reasonable call. There are two things that I do to minimize the issue : I keep an original and clean copy of the site model to use once I am done with my modifications (refer to my workaround just above) I try to avoid setting up a modifier on a a contour line (e.g. top of retaining wall site modifier on 16200 when my contours are every 200mm) unless it is from the Tool Set 'Site Modifier Tools' I hope it helps
  14. No matter what setting I change in the publishing option, it doesn't affect the output file. I would like to not have 11MB file for 1 A3 but apparently it is too much asking. I remember having the same issue with first version of VW2020. Like how is it possible to have bugs again and again every year for the same things ?
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