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  1. I would love to have the ability to manipulate 3D Conversion Resolution on a viewport by viewport basis, as opposed to globally setting it up for the whole document. Almost always, I need higher resolution 3D conversion for certain viewports with prominent curves in them, but don't need them for all viewports. This would hugely help local and cloud publishing speed for drawings.
  2. I use cloud services a lot to publish hidden line documents to PDF, which prevents my computer from being locked up with a publishing job for a while. It would be great to have the option to export as DWG on cloud services, as I do this often and it often can take 10+ minutes to export a Vectorworks document as a DWG.
  3. I'm attempting to draw the raked edge/seating section of a circular/oval arena, and have run into trouble getting the surface to make a clean extrude with the Vectorworks 3D model toolset. The top surface in the attached image is a drawn NURBS curve that has been converted into a solid, and the bottom piece is a NURBS curve converted into a 2D Polygon. Both objects are able to extrude, but I haven't found a clean way to combine/extrude them both to replicate the 3D object I'm trying to draw. Is there a VWX tool I'm missing that can do this easily? I've already tried multiple different 'subtract/add solid' methods, and haven't achieved what I'm going for.
  4. Thanks - the latter suggestion here seems like it will work. Is the proper syntax for calling a record field into a worksheet "RecordName.Fieldname" ? When I input it like that it isn't calling the value like I expect it to.
  5. My base Vectorworks file automatically counts symbols used and complies them into a worksheet based on their record format. Recently, I've run into an issue with angled truss link bars/gates. These symbols are drawn with 2 bars in the symbol to make it easier to draw (I've attached an image to clarify). Rental shops, however, count these items individually, so it causes confusion when we send equipment lists to vendors, as our list shows half as many link bars as we actually need. Is there an easy way to make these symbols count double, either in the record format or in the worksheet?
  6. Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere on this board. I'm building a marionette script to build platform systems and other complex structures from existing symbols. When symbols are placed, I can move them on the XY, but not the Z axis, even when I input 3D points into the symbol marionette. Is there an easy way to place symbols at a Z height, or move them on the Z-Axis through existing marionette plugins?
  7. Once again I'm diving into using marionette tools to speed up my drawing process. I'm looking to build a marionette sequence that can build drawing labels as opposed to using the stock drawing label. Optimally I'd like the tool to be able to: -Pull the drawing title from the viewport -Pull the current view (Top/Front/Side etc) from the Viewport -Pull the scale from the viewport -Fill in the drawing # in the OIP -Place and rotate an arrow symbol indicating the upstage direction Has anyone tackled something like this before? It doesn't seem immediately easy to build something like this with the stock marionette toolset.
  8. @Antonio LandsbergerThanks! This is a really helpful plugin.
  9. I'm building a marionette plugin to automatically build platforms from predefined platform leg and deck symbols, and have run into some trouble sorting out symbol selection for the plugin. Optimally, I'd like to populate a dropdown from a list of symbols in a certain folder - if our legs are in one folder, the plugin could pull all of those symbols into a dropdown in the OIP. If this is not possible, I'd also be open to a dropdown of strings corresponding to our symbol library. Are either of these possible with the existing marionette toolkit? I've found mixed information on dropdown lists for strings.
  10. I have a series of 3D truss symbols for different lengths and styles of truss, and recently I've started adding 2D Top, Front and Side views to these symbols to make my drafting a bit cleaner. I often draw by mirroring large sections of truss, and I've found that labels (specifically data tags with the truss name and length) in the 2D symbols flip themselves if I mirror the truss objects when I draw them. Playing with the 'adjust flipped text' settings seems to do nothing to change how the text renders. Besides changing how I draw truss layouts, is there any easy way to keep this text oriented in one direction when I mirror truss objects?
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