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  1. There is now an official release date for Monterrey (15.0) of October 25th 2021. The article linked at the top of the thread does not appear to have been updated (it refers to the future release of v2022, which is now out and has even had an update to SP1.) Does Vectorworks have an official statement about compatibility, bugs and limitations so that we users have some basis for upgrading production machines to Monterrey or holding off?
  2. In the "UNREAL DATASMITH EXPORT" video, the narrator says "The Datasmith file format preserves the geometry, textures, lights and more..." I tried adding a Vectorworks Light object (Kind: Spot), then exporting in Datasmith format, then importing in Twinmotion. The light did not appear in the model (when i checked the objects in Twinmotion, and filtered for Lights, nothing showed up.) In the Datasmith file, I see that there are two "Light" objects in the xml-like format. One might be the "sun" from the VW Heliodon and the other might be the spotlight Light object I put into the VW file. Is it simply a matter of Twinmotion not translating Lights in the Datasmith file into TM light objects? It would help me a great deal if the lights I place (and revise) in VW translated into lights in Twinmotion without having to place or update the TM light objects when I place or move them in my VW design.
  3. Does VWX to Datasmith export include vectorworks lights? I placed a spot light in a VW file, exported to Datasmith, then opened it in Twinmotion and there were no light objects (and I didn't see the effect of the light where I placed it in VW.) I thought I read or heard that this system was supposed to transfer lights, which would make Twinmotion (and potentially UE) much more useful to me as I iterate and share designs.
  4. v2020 SP5 - I am getting old(?) stairs showing up on the upper level that I can select but can't delete. I've had this happen in a few projects. For example, I have a stair starting on Story 1, and which should display above the break on Story 2. (Based on the settings in the "Stair Settings" dialogue, "2D Graphics" tab, "Upper Floor" section.) When I view Story 2, there is an element visible, but if I select it, in the Object Info Palette, some partial options and info are shown, but there is no name at the top for the selected object. I was going to say that if I select one of them, and hit delete, that the selected item disappears, but the "ghost stair" does not disappear. But... I used Tools -> Custom Selection... to select all items on the upper story level AND whose class is Vert Trans-Main and... it returned 1982 objects selected. I hit delete and they all went away. It appears that these nameless "ghost" objects are being created in huge numbers. I'm glad that I figured out how to get rid of them (select all of them and delete.) But I'm concerned that they may re-appear (forcing me to waste time selecting and deleting them.) Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do differently to avoid them generating in the future?
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