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Tiles / Verlegewerkzeug 2.0.3

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About This File

This tool is available in English ("Tiles") and in German ("Verlegewerkzeug"). The contents are the same only translated.

Dieses Werkzeug ist auf Deutsch ("Verlegewerkzeug") und auf Englisch ("Tiles") verfügbar. Die Inhalte sind die gleichen; nur übersetzt.


Tiles will help you when planning patterns of tiled sections, brick bonds, laying patterns, ceiling or fassade panels and evaluate it through datavisualization and  worksheet.

For extensive information on usage of the tool, please consult the manual.


Das Verlegewerkzeug hilft Ihnen in der Planung von Fliesenspiegeln, Fassadenelementen, Mauerwerksverbänden und der Auswertung als Datenvisualisierung und Tabelle.

Für umfangreiche Informationen über die Bedienung des Werkzeugs, lesen Sie bitte die Anleitung durch.


Created by / erstellt von ComputerWorks GmbH.

Compatibility / Kompatibilität: Vectorworks 2019 +.

What's New in Version 2.0.3   See changelog



• several small bug fixes

• worksheet now takes the symbol scale into account for the area calculation


• diverse kleine Korrekturen

• Die Flächenberechnung in der Tabelle berücksichtigt nun auch die Symbolskalierung.

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firstly, many thanks for this, great tool 👍.  I am new to Marionettes, very interesting. What I'm trying to do is use this for flooring layouts, mapping carpet tile finishes, follow this link to other forum chat  . So adding different colours/finishes to the tiles, I edited one of the symbols as a test, added different colour fills in the attributes panel, it seems to only part work, or am I doing something wrong ? screenshot attached, tia 

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 21.42.06.png

Response from the author:

Hello tia (@milezee),


thank you for your kind words and questions.


We are currently working on a small update for this tool, which will take at least another month, but we can help you with this little issue.

If you're not afraid of tinkering with Marionette, you only need to make one small change to the network:

bypass the Attributes Node near the end of the network (see screenshots)


1) Doubleclick the Wrapper Node (Tiles) to get into the network:



2) Zoom into the indicated red rectangle to find the Attributes Node and disconnect the wires from it, but connect the Filter Node with the hObj Port of the upper Set Record Field Node.



3) Close the network to get out and run the Wrapper again. Now all parts of the incomplete (cut) symbols should show up in the colors of the original symbol parts.


Best regards,


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Thank you for the very nice script!

I am just trying to get into the Marionette topic...


How is it possible to get the data visualization (full tiles and cuted tiles) into a table!? (there are two template tables included, but I cant use porperly, sorry...)

It would be nice to have a table with the amount of each tile (römischer Verband) and also if it is cuted or not.


Thank you in advance!


Response from the author:

Hello Nik, thank you for your review.


We are currently preparing an updated version, which will go live this week. Amongst other things this will address the object list both in form of a revised worksheet and a new page in the manual.



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