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  1. Thanks so much @MullinRJ @Jesse Cogswell, you gave me a lot more info then expected. I'm testing the first version in Python as we speak, and it seems to work great so far! Me and my colleagues will never have to remove our custom 3d symbol components by hand anymore when we need to share a file. This is gonna save loads and loads and loads of time, I can't thank you enough!
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for a way to delete the 3D components of a symbol using Python (I do not want to delete the 2D components however). Does anybody know what the best approach would be to do this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much @PatW, "Purge Items" worked!
  4. Hi, Currently I am building a tool to reorganize and clean up a vwx file, and im looking to run the Purge command through Python. I've tried using vs.DoMenuTextByName('Purge', 0), but this does not seem to work. Does anybody know how to run the Purge function with python? Thanks!
  5. Hi Joshua, I finally had some time to come back to this tool, hence my late reply. I set the property when the eventcode == kObjOnInitXProperties, but unfortunately this did not seem to work. Do you perhaps have any other clue? Many thanks!
  6. Awesome Pat, that works! Thanks!
  7. Hi all, currently I'm working on a custom legend tool, and so far it has been working pretty well on Sheet Layers. However, when I insert the legend on a Design Layer, it's scaled way too small. So my question is: Is it possible to retrieve the type of layer on which the legend will be drawn, and it's corresponding scale as well?
  8. Hi all, This might be a stupid question, but I am wondering if it is possible to remove or disable the Degree field in the OIP of a 3D path object. I have created a tool that draws a symbols along the path, but if the degree in the OIP is edited the path is ruined, hence why I want to disable it. Does anybody have an idea?
  9. I've tried using BuildResourceListN as well as straight up calling CopySymbol with the following path which points to the workgroup folder: ~/Google Drive/Shared drives/VWX/Defaults/Festoon Strings/Festoon Strings.vwx I have not been able to find any resources using BuildResourceList, and no luck with CopySymbol either. I have also tried GetFolderPath as suggested, but I couldnt get this to work unfortunately, perhaps because of the location of the workgroup folder? Does anybody have a clue to what I could do?
  10. Hi All, I'm looking to import some symbols from our Workgroup Library into a drawing using a script. As the script will become available to everyone in our organization, i'd like to use a relative path, instead of absolute paths. I'm looking for something like this. However, copySymbol requires the path relative to the application folder, thus making it impossible to use this function (as far as I know). vs.CopySymbol('Workgroup/Libraries/Defaults/Festoon Strings.vwx', symbol_to_import) Does anybody know how to import a symbol from the workgroup library?
  11. I believe I am using the built-in tool 3D Path tool for python. The reason I'd like to set the options through python is that this plugin will be distributed to all VWX engineers in the company, and it would be ideal if all the settings would be set by default. Would this be possible?
  12. Thanks for the reply. Where could I set the Nurbs degree to zero when drawing the path?
  13. Hi, Im working on a python tool that will draw something on a 3D path, but I'd like the path to be displayed as a polyline instead of curves when drawing the path. See attached image for what i do not want 🙂 Does anybody have a clue how I could approach this? Thanks!
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