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  1. Excuse me, can you share the vwx file of the Spotlight promotion video?Email:daiqingxu@vip.qq.com
  2. Such promotional videos are misleading~ Very unreal, I feel very disappointed. I hope to improve in the next version.
  3. Yes, my picture is rendered with FQR
  4. This image was taken from the Spotlight 2019 promotional video.According to the weight of the truss,Truss can render colors The following picture is made by me. Why is the color I am rendering like this? How should I set and render? To achieve the color effect of the promotion video?
  5. Hi,anyone. How to set up so that the beam does not penetrate the stage
  6. Hi How do I map the same texture to three different object simultaneously using the Attribute Mapping tool? For example Texture three different object Mapped effect
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