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  1. So I am inserting a KARA line array and (using the Line array tool with my own numbers and saved to the library) But it will not connect to the truss so I can add the load any suggestions?
  2. 2 step process works the best... trying to do a viewport on a viewport will be very hard to make it look right
  3. So I have been looking into a new system and doing some research. I read that for rendering (I have renders taking 28 hours + right now) that the older Xenon processors are better than the new i7. So I found some referb mac that are decent priced: http://www.macofalltrades.com/Refurbished-Used-Apple-Mac-Pros-s/389.htm but really waiting to see what specs are for 2017
  4. It would be great for Vectorworks to calculate point loads... For example, I have a 40' truss on 2 points with say a 300 lb. point load 5' away from point 1. I would want it to do the math to say the point load on 1 is X and the point load on 2 is Y. So with the new hoist to attach it to a truss... fixtures are already attached, put in a cable weight multiplier and safety margin and good to go.
  5. So I am just starting to play with the marionette tools and I am wanting to make a script that will do seating layouts they way I want and need them done (the event seating tool is a pain in the butt and never really works for me) So I want to take a symbol (can't figure out how to do that) Duplicate it in an array (simple) Group that array (simple) Duplicate that group offset but a certain distance (6' aisle for example) in both X and Y I can pretty much figure out everything except for specifying the starting symbol. I was thinking Input Name would do the trick but can't get that to work soooo... not sure now! I figure I can end up with a script that I can put in the number of chairs per row, spacing between rows, then spacing between sections and the number of sections. Then really quickly I can change it up to find the best layout for a room (given fire code and such)
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