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  1. Thanks guys, I'll try the variations. I appreciate the advice.
  2. Something like the way the Drawing Label Tool works?
  3. Stephen M.

    stop a render in progress

    Thanks for the info Kevin. That must be a hidden command because I don't see it on a Keyboard Shortcuts list.
  4. Stephen M.

    stop a render in progress

    Does anyone know of a way to stop a render which is in progress without quitting the program? -using Spotlight 2018 on a Mac.
  5. Stephen M.

    uplighting soft goods and drapery -lights show through

    All good tips guys, thanks. Steve M.
  6. Stephen M.

    uplighting soft goods and drapery -lights show through

    A colleague of mine works in 3DS Max and sometimes he builds an object and makes it glow. Do we think we could do the same thing here? -build a fake instrument from an object and somehow shutter it to give the effect of a wide cyc light?
  7. Stephen M.

    uplighting soft goods and drapery -lights show through

    that thing about the Light Info Record - could it be that I copied a fixture from another file? and that messed up the file? I am just doing the scenic layout and another person -the lighting designer- built the file for the lighting and I copied one of his fixtures into mine.
  8. Stephen M.

    uplighting soft goods and drapery -lights show through

    Thanks Rob, I'll be getting back to my original file soon and try these different parameters. The program is pretty deep with all the functions for each element. Good thing to have this forum. I see that Markdd got the shutter to work, which was another issue I had. I'm also trying to figure out a nice way to uplight a drape line or cyc, which fixture is best to use without having to place a large amount of fixtures on the ground. I was trying a Colorforce 72 but couldn't make the beam spread the width of the instrument, just a single point. Not sure if that's the way it's supposed to work. It's also a little frustrating with a file becoming "corrupt".
  9. Stephen M.

    uplighting soft goods and drapery -lights show through

    thanks Mark, I'll take a look at your file and go back to my original drawing to check the settings. I appreciate the feedback.
  10. Stephen M.

    uplighting soft goods and drapery -lights show through

    Thanks Rob, I tried that but don't seem to be getting it to work yet. I'm attaching a simplified version of the file I was working with and a another screen capture of a "final rendering". I set up a number of drape lines and a wall to see the effect. If you can take a look, I'd be interested to see know what I'm doing wrong. Steve M. drape lighting issue.vwx
  11. I am a novice Spotlight user (3 months) and I am trying to find a nice way to uplight scrims and draperies for renderings. When I turn on my lights even though I have the drapes set to "opaque" the light is always showing through to whatever is behind the drapes. Is this normal or is there a setting that needs to be made to the texture or instrument? I have a screen shot attached showing an ACL hitting a drape with a wall behind. I also have a second issue trying to make shutters work. I adjust shutters on an fixture like a leko and there is no resulting affect but I can see it in the beam. Is that supposed to work?


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