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  1. thanks for your advise Quigley. Can you clarify what you ment about "realtime previews" & "genuine realtime HDRI scenes "? Also, can you plug Maxwell into Vectorworks or any other render? Thanks
  2. So can the new version of Vector Works ( renderworks) create photo quality renderings to be used in advertising and promo for presale construction? Will it run with the best of them????
  3. Thanks for your advise Dworks What would you sujest for a rendering package?
  4. those are some great tips guys. Thanks all. Feel free to drop more hints and tips if anyone has other things to add..
  5. what is the best method to avoid textures from tiling, such as in a render that has a lawn. it allways seems to be a lawn that has tile lines or no tile lines but the grass looks like jungle trees?
  6. Can you tell me what you feel are some of the stand out impovements to version 12 over 11? I can either step up to the plate now and buy v12 or I can keep using V11 and get version 13 when it comes out, if its going to be a substancial leap over V12.At least thats were my head is at right now, seeing that everyone is on the huspe of converting to 64bit technology. I find that using the light tool in V11 is a big pain in the neck. As well, I am hoping the rendering speed and quality of the rendering has improved a lot. What are your thoughts on this Dworks
  7. can vectorworks 11 or 12 utilize a render farm?
  8. Is it worth moving up to 12 from version 11 with respect to doing high quality3-d rendering?
  9. I am concidering taking on some contract to do high end 3d renderings for a development company to be used in the prepurchase sales materials of condos. I am still kinda hacking my way through 3D max. Great program, but its kinda over kill i think in some ways. Not to mention its a difficult learning curve; However, I am far stronger skilled in the VectorWorks 3d capabilities via version 11.5. my question; Can I achieve the same high end rendering results in VW's newest version of Renderworks as I would with 3dmax? Thanks all Deco505
  10. I am thinking of purchasing a used HP 650 plotter to use with my VW's drawings. I want to be able to print nativly from VW.'s, as well as reduce the astronomical cost of color prints using a 3rd party print house. I would also like to be able to print to ARCH B,C,&D. Any advise on this would be greatly appereciated! Thanks Aaron
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