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  1. Oh just another thing dave, could you make your vwx file a mcd? I dont have vw2008 yet
  2. Wow very nice. I didnt know people could be so helpfull =]. Really helped me alot in understanding vectorworks better. Still there is much to learn. I think with alot of reading of these forums and sometimes a specific question i can grow enormously in skill. I hope i can be of help soon! ! !
  3. Guess i will buy that then . If everyone says it good. I will wait for the VW 12 file. Thanks for all your help guys. I hope i will soon get better with VW so i can help other newlings out.
  4. Hmm looks good . Guess i need alot i mean alot of practise. How do i open a .vwx file? i only know .mcd and .dwg
  5. Thank you all for being so kind to help me out. As you can see making the texture is not my only problem. But also rendering with radiosity. Since that one is pretty new to me. I have used all 3 images as you can see when you edit my texture in my .mcd file. Still the pixels on cd may be 10times as much. But still my render should be way better than this. Here another picture with a window in it making not much of a difference.
  6. Oh and by: Custom Radiosity with Auto-Adjust Exposure. I dont know what you mean by this cause my vectorworks is completely in dutch ^^ maybe you got a screenshot for what i have to put out/on. And also thanks for your replys Pat. I will make a window in my next rendering.
  7. Thanks for the reply Dave. I have put out the ambient setting. and gave my lamps a distance falloff. It looks a bit more realistic but not near the picture from arroway. I will add my mcd file also. You maybe you can have a look when you have the time. And also another picture from what i have now.
  8. Ok so i closed the room with a roof a floor and 4walls surrounding it. But still the radiosity-final render looks like this:
  9. Wow fast reply =] Version 12.5 . I am doing loads of trial and error attempts, doesnt seem to work for me and with radiosity all my other furniture looks less in compare with renderworks-final. So much lighter it all is. I can upload a picture of what i have if needed. <- Added a picture of what i have in renderworks-final.
  10. Hello, I am Louis from holland and i am pretty new to vectorworks. We use the program at school, but we have no teacher at the moment that gives us lessons in vectorworks. So i am trying to teach myself. I saw that there is a site with some free textures. I am trying to use nr24 from the classic floors: http://www.arroway-textures.com/textures/04/freemaps/wood-24.zip I am trying to make the texture look as realistic as in the picture. But i cant do it for a reason it doesn't look good So my question is how do you make it as realistic as the picture on the site with vectorworks? What do i have to do in the texture-panel. The realistic one: http://www.arroway-textures.com/textures/04/demos/demo_wood-24.jpg Thanks in advance


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