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  1. Bumping this, because I'm still trying to figure it out. Any input from VW staff? @JimWMaybe? Does the question make sense? I'm 90% of the way there, but it seems like there's a piece of functionality I'm missing somewhere.
  2. I have the previous generation (geforce 970) Razer Blade. I went from a larger 15" MSI laptop down to the Razer, and it's awesome so far. I get some weird behavior in VW with the mismatch between the resolutions on my external monitor (1920x1080) and the QHD laptop screen though. But, in general, VW on Windows is a miserable experience filled with GUI quirks (at least when splitting between a laptop monitor and an external) with a graphic feel like windows 95.
  3. It sort of already exists, I'm just trying to figure out if there's a part I'm missing somewhere. To return to my initial question, if you turn on Standard Naming, you get a worksheet that does this, but all the classes in the worksheet are not automatically created. I simply want to know if there's an easy way to create all the classes from this worksheet.
  4. @Taprootunfortunately that's still not what I'm trying to do - I want to go the other way. I want to create all the classes in a file from a worksheet. And ideally, I want to have the worksheet be a 2-way link with the classes - so that I can change cells in the work sheet and the classes will change.
  5. I don't disagree with anything either of you are saying, but I'm still not getting any closer to answer to my original question: Is there a way to automatically create all of the classes from the Standard Naming worksheet in a drawing? I would like to do this because: 1. the interface for adding new classes is terrible if you want to add multiple classes. 1a. it's therefore much easier to work with that worksheet and have it reflected in my classes. 2. if a class doesn't exist to house a particular object, another user will create it in the heat of the moment, and chances are it will be named something random. I realize I can manually create all of the classes myself in a template file, but this is cumbersome to do, and is cumbersome to change as workflows or standards are changed.
  6. Right, I have 2017 SP1 on a Mac, and I can't shift select groups of symbols in the resource browser.
  7. I had the same experience yesterday. Must be a Mac "feature".
  8. Not sure if the ability to do this is new, but there is an answer of sorts for PIOs in this help page: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/index.htm#t=VW2017_Guide%2FStructure%2FAutomatically_Created_Classes.htm%23XREF_88959_Automatically
  9. It's linked at the bottom of this page: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/index.htm#t=VW2017_Guide%2FSetup%2FStandard_Naming.htm (when I copied the youtube link it embedded super huge). The video gives an ok overview. The other interesting thing is that the units for lineweight in the "ClassNameStds" worksheet don't seem to correspond to drawing units - i.e. to get a .05 line, I had to put in 2 in the worksheet lineweight column. Frankly, I'm not sure what units either one of those things are in.
  10. My firm and I are making more and more use of all the premium content available through the VSS, and I really wish your video interface offered a playback adjustment speed. The careful enunciation is great and all, but it would save some time if we could watch at 1.5x to 2x speed, especially when scanning videos for useful information. Both Youtube and Lynda.com offer this, and it's a great feature.
  11. I'm working on building a template file for my firm, and I'm trying to improve our class organization. I've set up a custom naming scheme to use with Auto-Classing, but I'd like to have all of the classes listed in the appropriate column of the "ClassNameStds" worksheet created in the file. Is there a way to do this, or do I have to manually create every class? My goal here is to provide a wide variety of sensibly named classes so that users aren't running around creating lots of additional classes. These classes will all be preset with reasonable lineweights to minimize the amount of post-processing in our viewports (which is currently a lot). I hope that question makes sense. The help documentation and tip videos on auto-classing are ok, but they don't really address this.
  12. I seem to remember that working files automatically refreshed when opened in 2016, but in 2017 it seems like we have to manually refresh after opening to retrieve the latest changes from the working file. Does anyone know if there's a setting somewhere that addresses this? Otherwise, the 2017 Project Sharing improvements are pretty good.
  13. We've had a bunch of problems converting files to the new version (which VSS support have so far been able to pinpoint and tell us how to fix). Crashes occur relatively frequently and randomly. Revit import is absolutely useless. I'm really annoyed by this, as it was actually the main reason we didn't wait for SP1, since we wanted to take advantage of manufacturer Revit families for some FFE drawings. The custom cabinet tool is pretty awesome though.
  14. Interesting, thanks all. In this case it's not a big problem, we had a small side project that we subbed out to an even smaller firm. They got busy and we brought it back in house for CD/CA, and now I'm trying to figure out the best way of bringing their drawings/model from Revit into Vectorworks.
  15. Is the Revit import feature in 2017 intended to allow us to bring in entire Revit models, or just single objects (families)? I'm trying to import a Revit model that a consultant generated right now, and all I'm getting is the title page of their drawing set. The help file has no real information so far either.
  16. When you edit the curtain wall style, there's an option at the bottom of the replacement dialogue to "delete and recreate frames and panels". Select this if you want your curtain wall to be re-drawn with the style defaults you just set up. If you have an unstyled curtain wall, you can edit it's options globally. If you have a styled curtain wall, you can set up the style with the panel/spandrel layout you want in the style editor and then use the above option to update your already drawn curtain walls.
  17. After you've created the viewport, select it and in the Object Info Panel there's a Layers button. Click that and you can select which layers are visible in the section.
  18. I'll have to find some time to go through that webinar. I'd still like to have reasonable written documentation though. When I experimented with Energos a while back, I had similar experiences to Zoomer, had some crazy values for heat loss.
  19. Nope, what seems to be happening is that my sheet layer keeps losing it's page setup settings, and so I have to set them again everytime I go to print. When the page setup dialogue pops up and I set the page size again, it then drops me into the print dialogue.
  20. Has anyone experienced the page setup dialogue coming up instead of the print dialogue? Doesn't matter whether I hit Apple-P or select print from the file menu, the Page Setup dialogue comes up instead of the print dialogue.
  21. We've been doing that, the issue is that they periodically seem to disappear, even after doing this. It always works to recreate them via this step, but nothing seems to keep them from disappearing.
  22. Has anyone had problems with section lines (that are linked to section viewports), disappearing from the drawing? They can be recreated via the section line instances dialogue, but doing so sometimes causes the sections to shift, requiring annotation modifications. This has happened multiple times on my co-worker's project.
  23. Ok, thanks Jim. Pass up the chain that there's at least one office full of users annoyed at the lack of documentation, and that you need some staffing for it. Or clones.
  24. I've continued to be in contact with tech support as the project is still having problems. I purged everything related to those stairs from the file, then created a new file, copied my remaining geometry into it, and things seemed to work fine. Yesterday I went to change the layer wall height on one of my design layers, and VW crashes every time. Between this, the mess that is project sharing, and other random crashing I should be billing Nemetschek for lost time this week.
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