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  1. Ohh, good for you then! Could you tell me how much? and what version? That could help me a lot. Best Guillermo
  2. I am selling this version since I can't get the select service from Vectorworks because they don't bring SELECT SERVICE in my country.
  3. Hello I have a 2020 license landmark I would be interested in selling. Let me know if you are interested and a proposal. Best Guillermo
  4. Thank you Allan, I will see if it works enough like to get a documentation drawing with the hatches and details needed for a typical floor plan doc. For the blurry you mention think it is because the resolution of the viewport. Try to change it from the preferences tab, it is 72dpi by default but you can enhance it. Thanks Gf
  5. How to show a floor plan viewport that shows the cutting plane at a desired height from the floor, I mean to a specific indicated height? The answer that says make an elevation and then make a viewport and then make a section viewport is not good enough to show a floor plan with the same quality as the floor plan shown in a viewport. Is there another way to set up this? Thanks in advance.
  6. That works only if you make it at first time you use the beds...right? Because I tried to do that after it took the site modifier class and was impossible.
  7. Perfectly, this last solution worked. Thank you very much Jim.
  8. The problem is that crash when I clic COPY the selected roof, this means that it doesn't let me proceed. Make sense? I can import the symbol in a new file, but when I come back to the original file and try to copy the roof crash.
  9. I have a roof plane with a skylight symbol inserted. When I try to copy this roof to another Vectorworks file the program crash. Any help? I tried renamed classes and nothing...
  10. I just want to know if there is any chance to change the "texture bed" linetype style that was created under Site DTM class without changing theSite-DTM class property. Thanks
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