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  1. It is installed in the applications folder: /Applications/Vectorworks 2018 and /Users/Luke/Library/Application Support/VectorWorks/2018
  2. After a recent update, our office has been getting this error message "Error loading Vision Library" when loading Vectorworks 2018. Clicking OK solves the issue but don't understand why this needs to show up every time. We do not have a Vision Library or work with the Vision software to begin with. Is there a way to disable the Vision Library?
  3. I can replicate this result in the top/plan view just by panning with the Mouse Wheel (Button 3) while holding down ALT/OPTION in both eyedropper mode or bucket mode (switch between the modes after panning).
  4. No I haven't been able to reproduce the the problem intentionally after the restart.
  5. I have the same problem exactly as you described. All menus are greyed out and I can draw but not delete. There's also a text box of the mouse location displayed beside the mouse that I can't get rid of. There's no dialog box opened as well. It happened when shifting windows around, but I wasn't able to reproduce the same bug after a couple of tries so it must be rare. A co-worker had the same problem before as well but said it only happened that one time and can't reproduce it. I can however, save the file with the popup when I click the close. And restarting Vectorworks seems to fix the problem. System: Mac OSX 10.10.1 Vectorworks 2015 Architect SP2
  6. I've been picking up fill, pen, and text attributes mostly. After using the dimension tool inside a symbol, when I try to use the eyedropper tool to grab the attributes of other dimension lines, the programs crashes. I can replicate this consistently following the steps above. The work around is I just hit save before using the eyedropper, quit the program, then open it again and use the eyedropper once. Every time after the first will crash.
  7. I've been getting the same problems. The eyedropper tool only works the first time when starting up Vectorworks, then it's crash the second time I use it. I've mostly used the eyedropper tool inside a symbol. Both clicking on the icon or using a hotkey will result in a crash.
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