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  1. I am having an issue with grouping in symbols. Specifically, I have two groups nested within a symbol. When I exit "Edit Symbol" mode, the groups are intact. However, when I re-enter "Edit Symbol" mode, the groups have been automatically ungrouped. This happens consistently with this one particular file. Has anyone experienced this issue?
  2. When I attempt to join two walls using the Join tool, I receive an error message saying "This editing operation cannot be performed because of constraints on one or more objects involved." The error occurs with walls existing in the file, as well as newly created walls. If I use the "Edit Constraints" command while the walls are selected, I receive a message saying "The object does not have any parametric constraints." It should be noted that this error is occurring in only one particular file. Another person in the office is having the same problem with the same file, however, other users in the office do not get the error using the file. Has anyone encountered a error similar to this? If so, could you advise how to resolve it. Thank you.
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