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  1. Hello, I downloaded Vectorwork 2022 on Thursday and it worked fine. On Friday it continued to work fine. Then on Friday night I shut my laptop down completely. I have restarted my laptop this morning and the buttons along the top - file, edit, view etc have stopped working. I cannot press them. I have tried re starting Vectorworks and also restarting my laptop. But nothing seems to work. On Monday I will call Vectorworks, but I was hoping to do some work this weekend! Has anyone experienced this problem and know the solution?? Thanks
  2. Hello, Is it possible to download different fonts? I am working with an architect and they use Avant garde and would like me to use the same. I have Vectorworks 2021 and Avant Garde doesn't appear in the list of fonts. Can I somehow download it? Or is there a similar font?? Thank you!
  3. Thank You! I have found the window and managed to make the areas white.... I know I need to learn lots. I keep trying and then giving up! I will watch the videos you recommend.
  4. Thanks for helping out! But I cannot find the window you have shown. I can open a window called Hardscape Object settings. Or Slab components. But neither of them look like the window you have open. I have tried changing set all setting 'make all attributes by class' in the attributes drop down list, but that doesn't seem to work either. Maybe it's because I am on an older version of Vectorworks? V2019 at the moment. I want to buy a new laptop before I upgrade!
  5. It has a fill in the attributes palette. I'm new the 3D and I am really struggling! The hardscape areas also don't seem to affect the site model which I have made? They just get buried underneath! I have attached the file.Any help most appreciated! 150-LondonSquare.zip
  6. I am trying to produce a 3D model of my 2D plan. I have decided to take the 2D polygon hatch areas and turn these into Hardscapes. This has worked, but when I look at them in flyover mode they are only in wire frame, not solid. I only want them as white blocks. I think it has something to do with what class they are in, but I am completely confused.... I changed the Site-DTM-Modifier class to a white fill and then they all come in as black. Which I don't want, I want them in white. Thank You
  7. Ok, thanks, It's 2019. I have used Vectorworks for 2D stuff for years but am really struggling to move over to 3D! As this is a simple site and at the moment is only at a very outline concept stage I thought it might be a good one to start with... Cazoña2.vwx
  8. I have an exceeding basic OS survey which I want to create a 3D model from. It has very few 3D locus points on the paved areas and some contours on the grass areas. I have converted the contour lines to be recognised as contours in Vectorworks and have said they are to effect the existing site model. Now when I select everything and choose to create a site model it just uses the locus points not the contours. So I have added on more locus points following the contours and in other locations where I know there is a kerb etc which is not shown on the levels information (copying and pasting original ones and changing the height in the object info to the height I want) But when I then select all and try to create a site model from survey information it doesn't use all the points. Some of them seem to be incorporated, but not all of them. What am I doing wrong?? SiteModelData.pdf
  9. Hi Pat, thanks for getting back to me. I don't know what data visualisations is! I cannot see it on the View menu, which is where I believe it is supposed to be?? I can see it on the object info when I click on the viewport, but I cannot work out how I am supposed to use it to change the colour of the landscape area. If I select Landscape Area from the drop down menu in the Visualization Data tab from the Viewport info it doesn't seem to give me anything to do with the line and fill colours?? What I usually do is use the class overrides in a viewport. This works well, for example I want to highlight all the retaining walls on a scheme so I colour them red. But this does not seem to work on landscape areas. I have my landscape areas set into classes (one for hedges, and one for shrub and perennial beds) I have selected everything from each class and have selected 'make all attributes by class' on the Attributes tab to make sure it's all correct. But still in the viewport the colours of the landscape area are the same as my colour drawing. I need to have the landscape areas with no fill, so that I can bring this layer to the top of the drawing. Otherwise I either have my existing tree canopies hidden by the fill of the landscape areas or the plant tags hidden by the lines of the canopies of the existing trees! Thanks for you help!
  10. Hello, Is it possible to set the same landscape areas as different colours on different sheet layouts? For example, I have a class called 'proposed hedges' On my planning drawing I want all landscape areas in this class to have a green fill and dark green line, as this is a coloured layout. On the planting plan I want to use the same hedges but I don't want them to have a fill and I want the line to be black as this is a black and white drawing. For most objects I can select the viewport on the sheet layout and click on the viewport class properties and choose different settings for colours etc just for this viewport. But with landscape areas this doesn't seem to work?? I am using Vectorworks 2019. Thanks.
  11. I am using Vectorworks 2019 and I have the problem of decimals after the plant numbers on a planting plan. I have never had this before. Please can someone confirm how I fix this?? Thanks
  12. If anybody is thinking about answering this, by fiddling about I have managed to get it to work! Thank you!
  13. Hello I am working on a planting plan. We were working on a rotated plan as set by the architect but have decided to change back to a plan with north pointing up for the Planting plan. I have already created a number of landscape areas on the site with the text orientation set for the rotated plan. Is there a simple way I can rotate the text back? For the trees I just selected the rotation in the object info palette and changed it to 0 and the tree and label rotated, which isn't a problem as they rotate on the tree trunk. But if I do this for the landscape area the whole area moves to a different location. Thanks Hainault-PlantingPlanA1NorthUp.pdf
  14. I am feeling my way in the dark here! In the end what I did was copy and paste a helicon symbol from another drawing. Where I was looking for the tool was in: Window - Palettes - Visualisation. Now that I have copies the helicon in from another drawing it shows up there. But if I try right click and new then I just get the option of a light which has properties of heights etc, but I cannot see the Heliodon tool. Not sure what I am doing wrong! I have drawn some simple Massing Models for the buildings around the square. So now I shall see if I can work out the shadows. I am sure I will have plenty more questions!
  15. Please can someone answer this, probably very stupid question! I want to do a simple shadow study on a site and I believe I need to use the Heliodon tool. I have looked this up online and found this webpage: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/VW2018_Guide/SolarStudies/Inserting_a_Heliodon_Object.htm#XREF_67434_Inserting_a This says the tool is located in the Visualisation toolkit. But I cannot find it there, or anywhere else. When I search the help within my Vectorworks programme it does not come up. I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2019. Does this have the Heliodon tool? And if not, is there another way of checking shadows? Thanks.
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