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  1. If anybody is thinking about answering this, by fiddling about I have managed to get it to work! Thank you!
  2. Hello I am working on a planting plan. We were working on a rotated plan as set by the architect but have decided to change back to a plan with north pointing up for the Planting plan. I have already created a number of landscape areas on the site with the text orientation set for the rotated plan. Is there a simple way I can rotate the text back? For the trees I just selected the rotation in the object info palette and changed it to 0 and the tree and label rotated, which isn't a problem as they rotate on the tree trunk. But if I do this for the landscape area the whole area moves to a different location. Thanks Hainault-PlantingPlanA1NorthUp.pdf
  3. I am feeling my way in the dark here! In the end what I did was copy and paste a helicon symbol from another drawing. Where I was looking for the tool was in: Window - Palettes - Visualisation. Now that I have copies the helicon in from another drawing it shows up there. But if I try right click and new then I just get the option of a light which has properties of heights etc, but I cannot see the Heliodon tool. Not sure what I am doing wrong! I have drawn some simple Massing Models for the buildings around the square. So now I shall see if I can work out the shadows. I am sure I will have plenty more questions!
  4. Please can someone answer this, probably very stupid question! I want to do a simple shadow study on a site and I believe I need to use the Heliodon tool. I have looked this up online and found this webpage: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2018/eng/VW2018_Guide/SolarStudies/Inserting_a_Heliodon_Object.htm#XREF_67434_Inserting_a This says the tool is located in the Visualisation toolkit. But I cannot find it there, or anywhere else. When I search the help within my Vectorworks programme it does not come up. I am using Vectorworks Landmark 2019. Does this have the Heliodon tool? And if not, is there another way of checking shadows? Thanks.
  5. I have used Vectorworks for years (for landscape architecture), but have just started to learn 3D Vectorworks and I am struggling! Hardscape tool. I understand how to draw a hardscape and I can set the level at one point and then set a gradient across the area. But what about if the hardscape has more complex levels? Not just a simple fall? For example it might be a patio which comes out from a building level at FFL but falls slightly steeper at one side from the other to match up with existing ground levels on the other side. Can I set individual levels for each corner of the hardscape area? Which is what I would do on as notes on a standard 2D drawing? Custom Kerb tool. I need to extend an existing parking area. I have used the custom kerb tool to draw the area and have made it the correct shape with kerbs on the sides that need kerbs and no kerb where it meets the existing car park surfacing. But can I set this area to varied levels. As above, I would like to be able to set individual levels in each corner. The existing car park is not level and does not fall evenly across it so I need to be able to match up with this. Is this possible?? Thanks,
  6. Hello, I have 3 plans which I want to import as a referenced viewport into 3 separate drawings. 2 have worked well, but when I import the third, into a blank vectorworks file all I can see are 3D loci. Can anyone help resolve this?


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