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    Stop Camera From Moving?

    @Bruce Kiefferhi, from the viewports go to enter viewports there should be a checkbox relating to the camera, uncheck it and it should not move. I use the walk through mode to get my view and save view and make viewports from them, much easier. HTH
  2. Alan Woodwell

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    Hi I have a PC not a Mac, may make a difference. good luck
  3. Alan Woodwell

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    @HEengineeringHi, I would stay with polygons and 3D polygons. See short video that may assist. Regards https://youtu.be/XHHRGaZhMaw
  4. Alan Woodwell

    Until Next Time

    @Jim WilsonJim, sad to see you go but one needs to prioritise, life is short and you always follow your gut felling. Yourself and family first, live life and follow your dreams. I realized this life late in life after working 100 hrs a week for years and have a family member die young and my Doc calling me at work and saying go home i want you in the hospital tomorrow for heart surgery. All the best and enjoy the family and life. Alan
  5. Alan Woodwell

    sliding glass door not showing up in plan view

    @minottoHi, This issue can arise if something is way off internal origin of the program. Turn on all classes and do a select all and zoom extents. Display your internal origin. If you have things way off in the distance delete them if you know what they are untill you get Z extents with just your drawing. See if this helps.
  6. Alan Woodwell

    Hollowing out hemisphere

    @nakedeyeHi, Shell Solid is an easy way to hollow out anything. HTH
  7. Alan Woodwell

    Roof pitch assistance

    @niknakHi would you not just draw a horizontal line in VW then a line at 22.5Deg. the vertical at the end would give you the height. then do same for another pitch. Unless i am missing the question.
  8. Alan Woodwell

    WINDOW - Wall detail issues

    @drelARCHHi, what i tend to do here is change the texture of the wall style internal component to match the face texture. it shows the same in 2d but in 3d the face texture wraps in. HTH
  9. Alan Woodwell

    Help with sloped slab

    @domer1322Hi, Have a look at this video it may assist you to do site modifiers under ramps better. HTH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31dvR1VJBmE
  10. Alan Woodwell

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    @HEengineeringHi, I know what you mean about the icon in top right. What i do is have a full screen curser. it helps in me in drawing. Set option here in tools/options/Vecterworks Preferences/interactive. See attached. the Red line is X and Green is Y.
  11. Alan Woodwell

    Curved Ramp 3D

    Hi, I had to make a 3D curved ramp and you may already know how to do this but for those who don't this is how i eventually sorted out how to do it. HTH Video at https://youtu.be/ECw3AuaDMAo
  12. Alan Woodwell

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    @HEengineeringHi I would view in 3D and draw a 3D poly in the shape you want then extrude a shape. HTH
  13. Alan Woodwell

    Panoramic image background

    Hi i an trying to create an renderworks background and when i select the panoramic image the square shows yellow and the background is a yellow background and not the image I chose. Any ideas?
  14. Alan Woodwell

    Panoramic image background

    @Jim WilsonSo the way to get a Pano image from Iphone working is to make the image square. This is rough as a test but i made the bottom black and copied the sky up (will have to blend it in) so this can work. You can pan around to see the surroundings so this should work for what i wan to do. Alan
  15. Alan Woodwell

    Panoramic image background

    @Jim WilsonHi again the issue is this creates a sphere of the image and places the you in the centre. the panorama pic from IPhone may need to go on an extruded ring around the centre of the user origin as a texture. will see.
  16. Alan Woodwell

    Panoramic image background

    @Jim Wilson hi thanks for reply which got me thinking about file format and changed image to tiff and it worked. will test a bit more. hdr file which is a panoramic file ec xtension straight out of iPhone didn’t work so exported it out from photoshop and all ok. thanks and will update on further experiments. Alan
  17. Alan Woodwell

    PC and Mac

    Question for users who use both PC and Mac. Forgetting the hardware i may have to use a Mac occasionally and am a long term PC user. Apart from the shortcuts PC= Alt & Mac Option, PC= Ctrl & Mac=Cmd. etc, is is basically all the same interface so easy to switch from PC to Mac to draw? Thanks in advance Alan
  18. Alan Woodwell

    Possible to convert a Marionette object into a PIO?

    @VvierAhi you could look at this to see if it helps. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bBiai3iD-W0&t=0s&index=71&list=UU-2YxfK2gWwIbsX2ChlzDtA
  19. Alan Woodwell

    A Marionette Challenge

    Hi, This may help with the lofting. This was done for shelving and i dropped of a few nodes to create the solid on the last network. @Chuck Davidson Lofting Shelves v2019.vwx
  20. Alan Woodwell

    extruding hole patterns

    Hi, @shutternaut Could use marionette, in this file just make a few different symbols and change them. you can make the reverse also, panel with holes. HTH Screens_v2017.vwx
  21. Alan Woodwell

    Items on Shelves

    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, This simple network places items from a selection of symbols onto shelving. You can decide on the shelf width and depth and the item numbers will adjust to suit. The idea is to move the objects to suit your shelving then select different items from the dropdown to get you desired effect. Currently to get a more random looking front when you are happy with the look just explode a few and delete a few items to make it look more real. Looking at ways to make the random placement automatic, will see how it goes. You can make your own folders, but you will need to change the script at the beginning to get it to work. Any questions just ask. Work in Progress. Thinking so far in relation to different categories of stock you could create duplicates with symbol folders and Marionette Objects of different stock and use whichever is appropriate.
  22. Alan Woodwell

    Scale text in viewport

    HI, The Scale text in advanced properties for the viewports dont appear to be there in 2019. Have they moved or i am missing something again???
  23. Alan Woodwell

    Spotlight training

    Hi I need to learn Spotlight can someone point me in the best direction for this please? i know Designer reasonably well, but need spotlight now Thanks
  24. Alan Woodwell

    Web View

    Hi, Possibly this is in the help file somewhere so maybe someone can enlighten and old man. The W,A,S,D did not work until i discovered that i could drag out a little man and place on the model. Then the keys work. Is this in the help file somewhere???


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