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  1. ...and the problem is not limited to just the spectrum of PC options. Any PC game can easily spec a min and recommended. The issue is more a matter of VW's constant, progressive evolution. Machine requirements would be different from 9.0.1 than from 9.5.0, a span of half a year yet still the same release, technically.
  2. Oh, and about more RAM:as you suggested, the mainboards may not be able to handle more. The only other thing I can guess at is what extensions OS9 added, if any. I don't know how the upgrade affects video (items other than the actual chip drivers). It may also be the Carbon Lib having now to do a bit of gymnastics for the older hardware. Have you checked with Apple?
  3. If they had only 64MB, you would still give them tons of virtual mem. I don't know if the Mac handles caching in the same manner as Windows, so I don't know if a separate drive dedicated to a cache would be, indeed, dedicated. I'm wondering if the honourable Katie knows for a fact that the undos affect redraws. Undos should be written to a cache file. Redraw is access to video memory. I don't see the corellation. Then again, I don't know how NNA cooks its spaghetti, so never mind. Do you know the video ram speed of the G3s' video chips?
  4. If you haven't already done so, ensure that when installing Quicktime, you install the authoring tools. This requires, I think, a custom install.
  5. I wouldn't recommend option 2 unless it's a last resort because re-translating from 8 to 9 has still a probability of introducing corruption itself.
  6. Thanks for the reply, but you haven't really answered my question. First, simplicity of the command doesn't have anything to do with the location of that command. e.g. 3-point arc tool, vs. 1-click trim command. Rather, the tools appear to be those operations which have modes and mode settings. The screen need not be cluttered, nor the menus endless. Both palettes and menus would be built from the SAME list of operations, yet customized in the same manner as they are currently. Just as one can -- as of v9 -- assign variations of a key (alt+key, shift+key, alt+shift+key, etc. plus same for cmd+keys), to a tool, one could assign any one of the eight variations to any operation. For the most common operations, one may (or may not) have them on a palette. Less-frequently used items would be in menus. The presence of command modes would not force them to be in one location or another. I, personally, prefer no palettes on screen -- save object properties -- and a limited menu, since I prefer everything by key. Others, notably old Mac addicts and AutoCAD newbies, have a tendency toward cluttered screens. Regardless of the idea's viability or value, I still don't see why there is still the dichotomy between 'commands' and 'tools', aside from the 'mode' feature, an aspect that, codewise, really shouldn't force an operation to be accessed in ONE particular manner.
  7. Why are menus and tools separate? Is there some technical impossibility preventing the amalgamation of the two? Doing such would surely please people who use menus, people who prefer to type, and people who prefer to make use of the keyboard.
  8. Which version of VW? Are you talking about the screen display or about the printed output? I'm assuming you're talking about the tips of the lines being rounded off and not about the shape of the line itself. VW 8.5.2 and 9.5.0, as far as I can tell, both use a displaced square to create a line with thickness. This is why diagonal and curved lines appear thicker than orthogonals. PostScript output, on the other hand, uses a displaced circle (someone correct me if I'm mistaken).
  9. How much space have you assigned to virtual memory, and more importantly, how much memory do you have assigned to the VW executable? 300-500MB virtual mem and 32MB/100MB assigned to VW appears to work okay for me...
  10. Sounds like you're computer's just not working. Give it to me and you can have mine; it works just fine.
  11. This also is an annoyance for our interior designer. When you double-click a VW document, the OS searches for the latest version of the same application. If vw9 is on your machine, it will be used. Personally, I always open the application first, then open docs from within it. But, not everyone works that way. So... You could just set up the OS to start vw8 on login. When you're explo-... using the Finder to find your documents, you can double-click on them and they will be opened with vw8, because it's already open. The other workaround I came up with for a network situation, if you don't want to have vw running all the time, and you use vw9 only occasionally, is to leave vw9's folder and contents installed, but move the actual application to someone else's drive (or the server's drive). Copy it to your drive when you need it, then delete it when you're done. Just some ideas.
  12. We, too have an iMac office plotting to a shared DJ500PS, and use RIP software. I admit that ater a few dozen drawings, the software and host machine require restarting, but we use it for all of our plots with reasonable success and output about which we have no complaints -- even image output. Nonetheless, how are you printing from your Macs to the PC host?
  13. Also somewhat odd is Nemetschek not having internal coding for image export but depending on a third party...
  14. Just out of curiosity, why are many of the files locked after being installed? I've had to uninstall half a dozen VW copies, and the files must be unlocked before they can be deleted from Trash.
  15. The same thing happened to me with upgrading one machine to vw9.0.1 and mine to vw8.5.2, but updating Quicktime solved the problem. If there's yet another update, get it. Ensure that you include the 'authoring tools' in your installation! What OS are you using? With OS 9.1, and QT 5.02, I was able to work fine.
  16. I've had that happen once or twice, but I don't remember if I was using 8.5.2 or 9.5.0. As with other corruptions, I just restarted the program. If you're using OS9.x or Win9x, did VW take a while to close (lots of HDD activity)? If so, it's just a memory problem with the OS writing to where it shouldn't be.
  17. 9.5 and b7 both showed display issues with editing text. The top half may be shifted over, shifted up, blanked out, whatever.
  18. I'm running in 'native' in OSX.1.2, and I find that VW crashes as often as 8.5.2 did before I shoved in 512MB of RAM. I, too, save frequently, since the instability is something to which I've simply grown accustomed. No biggie. VW works better now, so the retained instability isn't high on my peeve list. In fact, it's a bit better than 8.5.2 since opening and closing tons of files is no longer one of the causes of crashing.
  19. Better yet, what if I need to check if a particular record has been attached to an object? Do I use the 'r' criteria?
  20. Never mind, I suppose. I've decided to use a workaround for handling both single-door and double-door symbols: if the double door's record field isn't 0, then the symbol is a double door and the cell should show that value instead of trying to display the single door's record info.
  21. AFAIK, one can create a report based on one record format or another, but what if I need a single report that includes more than one record? I can append a report on the second record format to the report of the first, but this results in an inability to sort the two record sections together (i.e. they can be sorted only separately). I took a blank worksheet and made a spreadsheet row into a database row, using search criteria that included both records, but the resulting database chunk was entirely empty and devoid of reference to the record field headings. In the past, we have used reports only for reference; we would create a report on the doors, and then manually create a door schedule, copying over the information. What we need is a report that would, itself, be the door schedule. Size, rating, etc. would be entered in the records of the symbols' instances and would show up in the report. Although it would be currently of interest for vw852, any such information as it would apply to vw950 would also be appreciated.
  22. It seems to work. If this works, you've just made dozens of headaches here disappear.


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