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  1. Snap to Loci did it, thanks. Michele
  2. I'm sure there's an easy explanation... In old drawings I've saved and in the one I'm currently working in, long dotted guidelines going past the page I'm using have suddenly appeared everywhere. They don't seem to print out or do anything, but they are annoying and I don't know how to get rid of them. Any ideas? I'm in top/plan view, have not drawn any guides (and tried to delete any that may have arrived on their own.) There may be some 3D objects left in them, but these lines haven't shown up before.
  3. OK, it's much later, but it's still an issue. It really happens when I am editing existing text by selecting the whole thing and writing over it. (The text also suddenly appears much bigger than it really will be, making it hard to judge where I should make a return when I'm trying to fit text into a specific area.) I am using v.9 but seem to have the same problem in 9.1. It does not seem to do it every single time, but I can't figure out what the reason is. Michele
  4. THANK YOU! Any ideas about the text alignment? Michele
  5. I was hoping with the 9.0.1 upgrade these problems would go away, but they haven't. Is anyone else having this trouble? (I am using a PC.) After I click on an object, the pointer automatically snaps to the middle right quarter of the screen (about where my objects pallette is.) It does this randomly with symbols, groups or objects,- or not. Why doesn't it just stay where I left it? It is frustrating enough that I have continued to use 8.5. It does this whether or not the "click/drag drawing" option is checked. It does this on both my desktop with a Microsoft trackball and my laptop with a Logitech mouse. Second,when I use the text tool and select existing text to edit over it, the text alignment reverts to left top align. I saw someone in the Theater section had the same problem, but there were no replies. This also happens on both computers. Any suggestions?Michele
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