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  1. Solved! It helped to just reset the printig system.
  2. I forgot: I am using exactly the same configuration as Matthew
  3. Hi I am experiencing the same problem. When I am using a postscript font ? such as univers condensed ? it won't print out. When writing a pdf via acrobat, the font shows as bitmap font. Here's a little work around: before print, hit the 'preview' button. Mac OS X 10.4 creates a pdf, sends it to preview.app, then, once you hit ok, prints it out correctly.
  4. Im using VW 10.5.b1 on a G5Dual. That's nice. But using customized paper sizer, the drawing does not rotate right on the plotter, I often get an A4-printout on a paper like an A1. I tried all combinations, so I think this is just an annoying bug that appeared since VW10. PS: Anything else works great and superfast ? I'm very glad with that software and your work!
  5. Stereo


    With the Designjet 120 you're having an excellent printer that does not need any X-Rip or other driver. Just use the driver HP provides, this one should be fast: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software2/COL3312/pl-11451-2/hp120officemx.hqx
  6. Since the software-rip for HP DJ500 was never really functional on Mac OS, here is a 100kB piece of software that works: http://www.buymelunch.com/printing/ It uses PCL-language, so you don't need PS.
  7. Hello Colin With the designjet 500PS you can solve the issue by printing vie Postscript instead of printing with the regular driver
  8. The HP software understands .pdf as well, it has a .pdf rip included. so you can even directly drag a .pdf onto the window of ps rip and it starts ripping... But hp rip is horribly slow and produces errors in larger files. The best solution for me was to buy a PC (ugly, beige) and windows 2k server, install appletalk and let it rip. It's fast and reliable.
  9. Maybe you just have to unselect "fit to page" in the print dialog box.
  10. Here's a short how to: Cables: Ethernet connection and a parallel cable.Software: On the PC: Make shure you ha a Windows 2k version or NT4 on which you can install the Appletalk protocoll, and file & print services for Macintosh. Maybe it even works without Appletalk, just TCP IP - so you can use a simple Win XP or 2k Pro. Install the HP-PS-Rip-software. Then restart. Then share the new printer. And: 256 Mb built-in are really enough, 128 Mb is to few. On the mac, make shure you have the right PPD's under system folder/extensions/printer descriptions. On the mac, you should create a new Desktop Printer using the LaserWriter Utility. It's also nice that you now can use Apple-Laserwriter software instead of Adobe PS-Driver. It works great with OS X also. It's alos that the HP-PS-Rip-Software on the PC is much further developped than the Mac version. You can simultaneously print and rip. And it's incredibly fast. Even very complex drawings start printing just 20 seconds after they got out of the Mac. So buying a cheap old PC even with let's say 300 MHz saves you a lot of time and error-output.
  11. Printing on a Designjet 500PS using Macintosh is not satisfying: the software rip is very slow, with the standard memory configuration you'll get jagged output and you'll waste a lot of time changing your drawing a little (leaving away some lines sometimes helps) or simply: the plotter does stop plotting after a few inches. I contected HP support, they could not help. They had to admit that their product is not usable with Mac OS for the everyday-business. After weeks, the solution was that HP gave me an E42-Pentium 4 PC with Win2k installed, it serves now as a print server and everything is working very well. I have an Output quality which I have never seen before on my plotter.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Gregor Samsa: I am an old time mac user, never worried about this kind of things, now with OSX... Does not matter under OS X. File type and creator still are stored invisibly.
  13. The lines become straight when the actual viewpoint and eye are on the same height. If you want to look at an object that is high up like a roof if you stand in front of a house - you just stretch the marquee until you see that object - and do not change the viewpoint.
  14. Here is the link, so I'm taking back my request: http://download.info.apple.com/Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_Updates/English-North_American/Macintosh/Display-Peripheral/Video/GeForceGraphics2.1.1.smi.bin
  15. quote: Originally posted by mlapthorn: Euphoria, I'm racing along at full speed. Would you please post the updater at your idrive - since 2.1.1 is no longer available...
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