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  1. Hi: I have a VW file that errors every time I select "Label Legend Manager" from the standard "Tools Menu". As soon as I select it i get the error: A VectorScript error has occurred. Refer the file "Error Output" for further explanation. Then the juciy guys inside the View Error Output.. is this error repeated over and over again: Warning: _2314 _305 - Array ALLOCATE dimension not an INTEGER value: _306 Here's a list of what I've done to try and fix the issue: Replaced all symbols and label legends in the drawings (with ones I know work in other files) Changed the default dimension style for the drawing Converted the drawing down to VW 2008 and re-uped it to 2010 Tried file on different computer- same error Tested other drawings with same symbols and legends- everything works fine (i.e. error is just in this file) Reassigned the Label Legend on fixtures Prayed to the vectorwork gods I know I could completely rebuild the file, but this would take a few hours that i'd love to not waste. I'm on VW2010, Designer Series, Mac Book Pro running 10.6.3. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Donald
  2. When I print a specific file, (some) objects and symbols that have been rotated print warped. They are perfect rectangles. They are also displayed warped on screen when zoomed out to see the whole drawing (ARCH E). When zoomed into a close view of the objects, they are not warped. The one symbol prints/displays randomly. I have tried printing on two different computers to two different printers- all the same issue. Things i have tried (and do not fix) -Various Scales -Removing object fill, and changing line weight. -saving down to vw 8.5 and reopening -redrawing objects *This is only happening to one specific file. *This file is over a month old, this is the first issue we have had with it. Veterworks 9.5.3 Mac OS 9.2.1 G4 450x2 512mb RAM. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank-you Donald Christensen Available Light Inc
  3. My Stats- PowerBook G4/550 768mbRam. Anyway, I'm running VW 9.5 in os 9.2.2. VW 9.5 runs great, until about a week ago. Every time I open one file, when I switch to a different application, everything locks up and I must reboot. It does it right away, without fail, every time. Its just on this one file. This file did start out as a 9.0.1 file, and worked great with 9.5 for some time. All other files like this work great. I've tried switching workspaces, and everything, no help. I've reinstalled VW, I would reinstall the system, but it sounds more like a vw soft wear issue. Sounds to me like my file is corrupt. Any ideas on how to check/fix this file. Any quick ways to put all the layers into a new file, besides copying them and pasting them all, yada yada...? Any help would be great. ThanksDonald
  4. Hello, I have a similar issue. In my standard workspace, Align and Distribute works fine form the Tool-Align menu option. But when I load my own workspace, I get an error in the menu "menu ID -44 not in vector. . .". What factors in a workspace allow this function, so I can get it working in my workspace? Thanks Donald


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