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  1. That's actually a "feature" of that tool, along with a whole host of other unpredictable things that happen.
  2. Not including renders (or textures) in a drawing set is a fantastic way to keep file size down when collaborating with colleagues that don't need a 300MB sandbag bringing their 2015 MacBook Pros to a standstill. Whenever possible, I reference the model file for rendering in a new file. Plus a major selling point for Twinmotion is all of the entourage you get (along with the slick UI wrapped around the Unreal engine). And the idea of my renders becoming screenshots taken in real time? I can live with that workflow disruption. Plus, you know... volumetric lighting. We're already at a point that static images are losing ground to animations anyway. Overheard a year ago, "They won the bid with static images?"
  3. I suspect hope that Apple is working on their own processors which is why development has slowed for the Mac, and they're just cramming hot guts into recycled enclosures, and saying "there, we fixed it!" But we won't see those machines until 2020, so in the meantime, we have a bunch of imperfect solutions for our myriad workflows. The other nice thing about 2020 is that most rendering should be real time GPU-based by then, so now is not the time to throw down 10-15k for a bunch of cores to bounce out Cinema renders that take hours to bake. Unreal, Twinmotion (uses Unreal engine), Redshift and others are paving the way for that future. eGPU's are the new dongles.
  4. http://osxdaily.com/2018/10/21/download-macos-high-sierra-from-mojave/ However, I wouldn't say the Mac Mini has a great CPU by any means, and if your desktop computer requires an eGPU to run your CAD software, it's not a workstation. And if recent history has taught us anything about jamming a 6-core CPU into a 4-year old thin and light enclosure, we can expect the usual thermal throttling from Tim, Jony and Phil. Take a look at the 2017 iMac with a 4.2 base clock and built in 8GB VRAM. It's a sleeper.
  5. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/macbook-pro-amd-radeon-vega-graphics,5882.html OF COURSE they're going to be overpriced 4GB GPU's... can't believe I fell for that.
  6. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2018/10/all-new-macbook-air-takes-flight/ Notwithstanding thermal throttling, faulty keyboard that you can't take onsite, lightbar that nobody asked for and drives the price up, a removed Escape key that has to be remapped to the Caps Lock key, reflective screen and #thatdonglelife, this is encouraging news and good reason not to buy a MBP until next month.
  7. As much as I'd love to ditch Apple's tiny mirror of a display on an iMac/Pro, spending $3,000 on a 6-core (toaster) 3.2 Mac Mini + an eGPU is not something I'm interested in as a person who earns a living using VW. And the 4-core is an i3 !!! Every year, we wait and we hope, and every year we're disappointed and price gauged. The hacintosh is looking better and better all the time.
  8. Also of interest, new Blackmagic eGPU shipping in November: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/HMQT2VC/A/blackmagic-egpu-pro
  9. Safe to say the year and a half old 4-core iMac with a 4.2 base clock speed still reigns supreme for using Vectorworks 2019 SP1 (and foreseeably SP2)?
  10. AutoCAD coming to the iPad "with performance as fast as the fastest PCs" Your move, Vectorworks.
  11. If we’re not using Mojave yet, and don’t plan to until 10.14.3 or later, should we update to SP5?
  12. Apple downlocked that chipset to avoid thermal throttling. My 10-core 3.0GHz is 3.3 on a PC.
  13. In @Kevin McAllister's examples, the root of this issue seemed to be: POI errors Symbol erros Modeling error (software not user) Therefore, I would love to see those errors get fixed, so users don't have to spend more time editing in edit mode to patch the underlying problems. To me, and how I value my time, this is just one more example of how parametric POI's vs modeling is slowing me down with workarounds. That's the 2020 killer feature: clean up POI's (and their UI/UX).
  14. My 2012 5,1 cheesegrater felt just as fast as my 2017 iMac Pro when using VW 2017 and 2018 SP2. Same amount of spinning beach ball of death too. Sounds like that's about to change for the better though very soon. Maybe even tomorrow, right?
  15. Also hoping they solve the thermal issue and improve the GPU. Then again, I also believe Jackelopes are real and hope volumetric lighting is coming back to VW 2019.
  16. Get the maxed out CPU 4.2 GHz. As a rule of thumb, ignore the turbo boost speeds that Apple markets because they thermal throttle all Mac's (including the CPU's in the iMac Pro). BTW the 2018 iMac will probably be released in Oct/Nov, so it's a good time to evaluate VW 2019 and compare 2017/2018 iMacs to make an informed decision: https://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#Mac
  17. On a Mac, I have to click the document to activate the tab.
  18. This is exactly my point when comparing a 2017 iMac with a 2017 iMac Pro. Would also like to understand the performance usage/difference between an 8GB and 16GB GPU (not sure how to measure that). As of August 2018, it seems like spending over 5k on any Mac won't yield much return, so September will be very interesting...
  19. Exactly. Drawing at 1/8" scale with a 0:0 at DC, positioned where I want the model on an Arch D/E page size, with fonts for dims/notes/callouts at 10/12pt... saves a ton of time annotating SLVP's. The less I have to enter an edit mode in this app, the faster I finish.
  20. This is absolutely massive, and really appreciate the interest in adding Sleep back into the Eat + Design equation. Can't wait till the triumphant return of volumetric lighting next Tuesday! 😉 Would love to see some of the other key features found in Lightroom like: Tone curve Vignette (a slider not a multi-step workaround) Noise (actually adding noise instead of reducing it... to help with the uncanny valley) Also, as @zoomer suggested: numerical controls in addition to the slider.
  21. Especially if you're next to a few Unreal workstations, and their "renders" are screenshots taken in real time. Very excited about all these improvements. I even have hope for the godforsaken stair tool...


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