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  1. Hi again Peter, I have just re-install VWX 2020, and I can confirm that your tip is working great with 2020 but no longer works with 2021 😞 I post a bug issue.
  2. Hello Peter, I just read your tip. It's a great tip that i didn't know. I no long have VWX2020, i've got 2021 with new hoist tool, and that tips seems to don't work with 2021 hoist and trusses. All the system is moving and that change the high hook z ! May you test it in 2021 ? changer altitude truss multiples v2021.vwx
  3. Hello, I just begin to convert my Lighting devices v2020 in v2022 (with 2022 beta SP04). So I delete clamps from my old lighting devices, then I created clamps as "lighting accessory" that could be use with my new "lighting devices" library, and now I would like to create tripod and base as "lighting accessory" too. So I create tripod and baseplate like clamps, that means symbols in 3D must be under z0 and upside-down. Is it the right way to do that, or is there a special way for those plate/tripod that I doesn't see in VWX2021 / 2022 ? Here are screenshot of 2 lighting devices both with clamps and tripod/baseplate, and screenshot of my 3D tripod symbol/
  4. Hi, Since hoist changes in 2021, hoist label is less customisable than in 2020. I know that we could use Data tag efficiently now. But data tags colors don't change after bracework calculation like the hoist label. Before 2021, I used hoist labels, and I could customizable all in one time and change all their position in one time. But nom in 2021 and 2022 beta, it appears not possible to move all label hoist, I have to move one by one. So is there a way to move hoist label for multiple selected hoists in one click? or Is there a way to color automatically data label with braceworks calculation results? And change automatically after each results? or Is it possible to have those possibility in a 2022 enhancement? or Possibility to have same hoists label management in 2022 than in hoists (legacy) tool in 2020? Thanks.
  5. I would prefer function field come back in 2021 as 'BrxHoist'.'Function' . I could modify my hundreds of hoist with that old-new field in my librairies 😉 Instead of that, I put the function in each hoist symbol name, and I call 'BrxHoist'.'SymbolUsed' in my worksheet to replace the lack of "function" field. I hope this field will come back in 2021 in the new BrxHoist record.
  6. Thanks Pat, but there is a correct function field in Hoist Recrod (='Hoist Record'.'Function'). I need to use it in worksheet, but there is an issue using it. As you can see, my hoists have this field used, but worksheet don't write the field when function is correct ;
  7. Hello, Until VWX2020 I used to sort my hoists with function in some case. "Function" is still present in Hoist Record, but when I add it in worsheet, nothing comes in the worsheet. All my hoists vave function (Audio, Lights, Video, Cable Pick, Scenery, ...)
  8. @Rob Books thanks Rob. Effectively, if I set numbers to 'dimensions', worksheet display the lenght unit of the file (cm, mm, m, inch...). So I had to set it to 'general' as you said, and add suffix 'kg' and 'W'. But there still remain a problem : if I put another projector and I erase 'Light Info Record' when importing this new projector, so this database has agin 'weight' and 'wattage' in text fields. Is there a chance to corrige that in future upgrade?
  9. @Rob Books For example, this is my file. I can't create the truss properly, and bracework can't calculate it. truss1.vwx I'm an old VWX user (since 1998) but a new Spotlight user for 2 weeks... maybe I don't manipulate correctly Spotlight tools?
  10. Hello, After 2 hours of searching how to sum my projectors weight and wattage in a worksheet, I finally find that it wasn't possible with those original databases 'Light Info Record' and 'Light Info Record M' ! The issue is that weight and wattage are text fields ! So I change them to number fields and then I'm able to sum weight and wattage in a worksheet ! But then, there is another problem : when you change fields from "text" to "number" you have to put a default value, and then, all youy projectors loose their weight and wattage ! Then you had to manually update every projector's weight and wattage! It will be convenient to fix those kinds of fields in "number" instead of "text" no? I know that users could do mistake by filling fields with multiple units (kg, lb, g, t, ...W, kW, ....) but it could be mentioned weight in kg and wattage in W by exemple. For exemple, lenght in 'truss record' are always in mm, and when you know that, there is no problem. Fields that I change to be able to sum weight in my worksheets :
  11. Hello, I've got an issue with inserting truss corners X30D : When I'm connecting a down corner to down trusses, this corner inverses vertical position !
  12. @Robert Janiak Thanks Robert, yes this method is OK. But usually, I don't show unit mark in my drawings. That's why I would like to have function like 'UnitFile' in my worksheets.
  13. Hi, I'm a 20 years Vectorworks users, and work with my own truss librairies and data record since beginning. Now I want to use fabulous Bracework so I have to learn to work with spotlight trusses. It will be easier if I was a new beginner 😉 I've got same problem than you. For hinges, and also with rounded truss, and mostly with ground support calculations ! I hope those lacks of functions will be soon available ! I've seen your video too @SCParker . For hinge, I've got 1/2 bookend symbols. Do you think I can integrate them into braceworks? This is a typical truss that I would like to calculate with Braceworks :
  14. Another things : Do you know how I can display my unit file after formula "=SOMME(G3)" It's not good to add "suffix" because if unit changes then "suffix" you added don't change automatically. It may be a field like FileUnit or something like that ? That's what I mean with "suffix" in a french version :
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