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  1. Hi Wind rose tool don't work with VW2019 for me. Could you confirm?
  2. It could help but it's a bit hard. You have to do the effort of a very good order in your file. I think the soft could help by providing a "DTM" setting in the Stake OIP. Maybe a multi choice entry in the OIP?
  3. Hi I got a file with multiples DTM in order to simulate different phases of the site work. DTM May DTM April DTM June... I got stakes to get the DTM elevations ( existing/proposed) I can't know which DTM my stake is giving the elevation. Could you help?
  4. I just can't succeed in "reseting" the numbering system of my issue data. I'd like to "delete" that hidden "Title Block Issue Data-x" but can't find how to access it. Could you help?
  5. Hi I just built this node to be able to "marionette" the "Crit" of Obj by Crit You have to put the "criteria" text in the String Node. It will be passed to the new node and command his action. By so you could act on the "criteria" string using marionette text and string nodes. It seems to work. Hope it will be useful. I am pretty sure DomC has published something like that but cannot get my hand on it. Hi DomC. I am a fan of your work. #COMMAND;REFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Input\Objs by Crit Mat.py; #Modified August 2018 @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node( 'Objs by Crit Mat' ) this.SetDescription( 'Returns a list of objects meeting the input criteria' ) #Input Ports stringIn = Marionette.PortIn('', 's') stringIn.SetDescription( "The input string" ) #Output Ports obj = Marionette.PortOut('h') obj.SetDescription('The list of objects in the document that match the criteria') #BEHAVIOR def RunNode(self): #inputs stringIn = self.Params.stringIn.value #script out_list = [] def Add_Handle(obj): out_list.append(obj) vs.ForEachObject(Add_Handle,stringIn) wordTofind = "SEL=TRUE" searchInlist = stringIn searchInlist = searchInlist.replace(" ", "") if wordTofind.lower() in searchInlist.lower(): new_list = [] parents_list = [] for e in out_list: p = vs.GetParent(e) if vs.GetType(p) == 11 and p in out_list: parents_list.append(p) pass else: new_list.append(e) for g in parents_list: if g in new_list: new_list.remove(g) #outputs self.Params.obj.value = new_list else: #outputs self.Params.obj.value = out_list
  6. It's not easy... but not so hard You've got to copy the marionette object to use it AND the folder it's linked to. The marionette object call for a folder ( like the Baume folder in some of the DomC provided files). Copy the folder first... then the marionette object, otherwise it call an inexistent folder and crash. On my files I succeed in linking the marionette object to other folders containing other symbols AND modifying the marionette object "control geometry" to be as needed. I"ve succesfully obtain "foliage like" effects by doing so Please pardon my english ... i am not very fluent in these language
  7. I got this script there I've done by working on your file. ( see attachment). ( hope you don't mind, let me know) I succeeded on implementing the rotations. z axis for the symbol angle and a 3D rotate too. I got some unstabilities but it doesn't bother me as it's just a work in progress. I plan to do some kind of ivy leaves. I noticed your script is not really efficient for near vertical surfaces, cos the symbols are put using a x,y pattern, I think I got a way to avoid it. ( by turning an the control surface to be near horizontal before executing the script, then get it back where it was.)... not so neat but efficient I think. I plan to work on a way to execute this script in a volume ( a 3D grid to replace the 2 grid you used). I thought of building a 3D grid of 3Dloci according to the control object dimensions, and put a symbol on each 3Dloci. but I can't find a good way to see if a loci is inside or outside a 3D volume.... I thought of trying a boolean on each loci but it seems senseless. Got to go now to a more money productive work. See ya. Thanks for your help. Untitled 26 copie.vwx
  8. I've just tooled with it and with DomC help i succeed in obtaining random scaled symbols on the 3D form. ( neat) I'd like to play with the "angle" PortIn of the "symbol 3D v01" node. Does it take only real or int values? I assumed it could act on the "Rotate 3D" value of the 3D symbol object, therefore i thought it would take 3 values. It seem to me I have to generate the 3D symbols and then 3D rotate them? Is that the best way to do it?
  9. mattao

    Scale Symbol

    Can't find the symbol scale node attached there.... maybe got to change my glasses?
  10. I can't follow your link Alan. Would you please refresh it? Thanks
  11. Hi I added a function to move the print through the info palette of the Marionette object. So I can have as many prints as I want and see all the "printed" values at once
  12. I got to add i succeed in what I was looking for just by Refreshing my PIObject through a modified version of your script. But I didn't learn how to trigger a PIO event from applescript or python so I still hope an answer. Thanks
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