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  1. Could be far more fast if: 1) Camera mask and camera shadow objects, or similar objects, could be used in viewports WITHOUT a camera match 2) OR camera match camera position could be MANUALLY ADJUSTED IN the 3D view. 3) Vectorworks coude allow for images PNG transparency layer to be affected by VW gradients! 4) Twinmotion link could get cameras positions precisely ( a dream would be to find my Vectorworks saved views available in Twinmotion 5) Twinmotion could display the camera position in the 3D references. 9) may I had that I d like to be able to easily use an image as my OpenGL background in VW? I could adjust the openGL aperture of my view to match the camera, position my view fast... and so match my camera position.
  2. Hello everyone. We have worked a little on these theme and we arrived to something satisfying as a result, but pretty complicated to put in action. 1) As much as possible have a precise idea of the exact position of the real camera on your surveyor files. We use a lot the manhole covers to do so. We have precise position. And just have to set the height correctly. 2) use Cameramatch to have a rough location , set the aperture manually to match real world camera 3)As you said use the place RW camera to help precisely setup the camera match position to match more precisely the real world camera ') we have fiddled a bit to find our camera precise settings on aperture... once done it's far better. We set the aperture manually. 4) export to twin motion with the RW camera visible- -> don't forget to explode the camera symbol first 5) precisely setup your twin motion camera to match your real world camera aperture. 6) use the RW camera 3D objects to position your camera and look in the right direction. 7) render in twinmotion. 8) Back to Vectorworks.... et voilà
  3. Hi I will ask a few question there if you could help me... Is there a way to "see" in the scene ( layers ) the actual position of a camera match camera? Finetune Cameramatch camera I'd like to be able to fine tune the camera position in the scene... most of the time when I take the photo I know precisely where I am in my scene by using physical clues like some manhole cover or light posts or whatever I can find back on the topographer files. Would be useful to be able to see the position of the camera match object in the scene.... and be able to move it in the scene too See Cameramatch camera coordinates Is there a way to "see" the coordinates of the camera match camera, maybe through a worksheet or a script have a image has a background of the main view OpenGL camera I d like to see the scene with an image as the background, is that possible? See precise position of a render works viewport camera? Is that possible to see the camera position of the render works camera object of a viewport? How to toggle the visibility of the camera in the scene? Thanks for your help Mat
  4. thanks for your posting - I tried to post it under troubleshooting but no one answered there. -> therefore I feared to be deaf
  5. I cannot see "all positional fields" option for the "status bar" in VW2022 In VW2021 there was 3 options for the info displayed by the "message bar" it seems it has disappeared Could you help?
  6. The VW2021 command was "show all positional fields" in the message bar settings. You were able to select this option from the triangle at the right corner of the message bar... I used this info a lot and the lack of it drive me mad
  7. Still looking for answer. I still cannot get "layer coordinates" in my status bar. My layer elevation is 253,4m I'd like to see my cube coordinates as : x:0 y:0 z:254,4 x':0 y':0 z':1.0 as it was displayed in VW2021 and I cannot succeed Thnaks for your help
  8. Hi On VW2022 trial I cannot display the working plane coordinates in the DataBar ( just left of the snapping settings ) It displays absolute coordinates but do not display also the working plane or layer plane coordinates like in VW2021 How can I Correct that? Thanks
  9. Hi Wind rose tool don't work with VW2019 for me. Could you confirm?
  10. It could help but it's a bit hard. You have to do the effort of a very good order in your file. I think the soft could help by providing a "DTM" setting in the Stake OIP. Maybe a multi choice entry in the OIP?
  11. Hi I got a file with multiples DTM in order to simulate different phases of the site work. DTM May DTM April DTM June... I got stakes to get the DTM elevations ( existing/proposed) I can't know which DTM my stake is giving the elevation. Could you help?
  12. I just can't succeed in "reseting" the numbering system of my issue data. I'd like to "delete" that hidden "Title Block Issue Data-x" but can't find how to access it. Could you help?
  13. Hi I just built this node to be able to "marionette" the "Crit" of Obj by Crit You have to put the "criteria" text in the String Node. It will be passed to the new node and command his action. By so you could act on the "criteria" string using marionette text and string nodes. It seems to work. Hope it will be useful. I am pretty sure DomC has published something like that but cannot get my hand on it. Hi DomC. I am a fan of your work. #COMMAND;REFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Input\Objs by Crit Mat.py; #Modified August 2018 @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node( 'Objs by Crit Mat' ) this.SetDescription( 'Returns a list of objects meeting the input criteria' ) #Input Ports stringIn = Marionette.PortIn('', 's') stringIn.SetDescription( "The input string" ) #Output Ports obj = Marionette.PortOut('h') obj.SetDescription('The list of objects in the document that match the criteria') #BEHAVIOR def RunNode(self): #inputs stringIn = self.Params.stringIn.value #script out_list = [] def Add_Handle(obj): out_list.append(obj) vs.ForEachObject(Add_Handle,stringIn) wordTofind = "SEL=TRUE" searchInlist = stringIn searchInlist = searchInlist.replace(" ", "") if wordTofind.lower() in searchInlist.lower(): new_list = [] parents_list = [] for e in out_list: p = vs.GetParent(e) if vs.GetType(p) == 11 and p in out_list: parents_list.append(p) pass else: new_list.append(e) for g in parents_list: if g in new_list: new_list.remove(g) #outputs self.Params.obj.value = new_list else: #outputs self.Params.obj.value = out_list
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