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  1. Thanks, I will have a look at it.
  2. Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to draw text over an object in 2d so it will remain attached to this object. When I visualize the object in 3d I wish to also see the text "stamped" to it. I wish to do that without having to set the heights of each piece of text separately. is it possible? thanks,
  3. SergeB

    MEP Elbows

    Hi, I have been using for quite a long time the HVAC tools to create ducts and pipes layout. I am not starting get into 3d but I find some limitations. it seems that I can't rotate the elbow other than the on z axis because it is a hybrid object. How can I get around that? Is there a way to make the elbows using the 3d modelling toolset? If so, can someone please guide me on the basic steps. Many thanks, Serge
  4. Well I am screwed! I was using VW 2016 and updated to Mojave a couple of weeks ago. I didn't work well so i tried to revert to the High Sierra and couldn't because after I upgraded to Mojave Mac told me that they had to perform a new backup, thus I lost all of my previous backup. I am stuck with Mojave. My Vectorworks was working but with some bugs. I had to be careful. Since VW told me that they will not upgrade version 2016, I just bought 2019 thinking that I might work a bit better than my version 2016. And now it is even worst. I can't see my basic tools, the only palettes i see are the attributes and snapping. All the other palettes are blank and unusable. It can't work at all now. And it is the version with SP1 included. Should I erase everything, as well as my vectorworks 2016, and restart the installation process? Thanks, *** I restarted everything and it seems to work fine ****


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