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  1. I love Vectorworks for its "drawing on paper" feel in many instances. However, I do feel generally there could be a better immersive feel to BIM modeling. Having tried other apps like Archicad, Revit, and Allplan those apps feel like you are in the model building things - and then you "print" views of the project. In Vectorworks, it feels like the page/paper are windows through to the model - therefore a slightly detached feel. Again, I started using VW when I just produced 2D drawings - and I LOVE the way the app feels with that regard. I just think as BIM changes this industry, Vectorworks should move a bit more towards that general feeling with some quick view tools we currently dont have. A good example of this is the fact we dont actually have any method right now to have multiple active view/windows active as changes are made. There are others examples, but this suggestion is more a generalization.
  2. You're telling us you went exploring with your one and only file for the project and then saved your mess overwriting the original? I can promise this would end bad no matter what software you used. I version save my work all the time and ESPECIALLY if I plan to experiment.
  3. There is a dedicated jobs board....so that would be your best bet. (never mind I guess that was only for VW positions)
  4. 3D has really helped with verifying design feasibility while catching errors and issues. I run a team of 7 draftsman and 2 engineers doing 700-800 single family homes a year for a developer and each home is BIM modeled, with the engineers collaborating and notating directly in the model file. My experience has been for every extra min. added for modeling in 3D, there is a equal time savings provided in another area where 2D alone would have addded more time otherwise. That said, our office found for residential BIM Vectorworks just didn't have the specific tools we needed. I do use VW for my commercial work and presentation drawings, but trying to find a good workflow.
  5. The OP asks a good question and one I am having a bit of a struggle working through myself. Not so much as I can't fumble through the process, since I used VW for years and years just straight 2D. However, I wish there was something like what Sonders did for Sketchup available for Vectorworks. We need some good explicit instruction on Best Practices along with some examples and a resource to use as template. I bought Sonders book on Sketchup even though that isn't what I use for production drawings, just to see their process - thinking I could glean something useful (which I did).
  6. I'm curiously following this thread - but a question for the OP: What sort of overall area (size) are you having to design these pavers in? Also, keep in mind whatever you design needs to be communicated in some fashion to the people installing this to follow what was done - which is going to be the real trick in all this.
  7. Yeah, I was watching those videos as well - they do look really nice. I can't understand why the folks at VW are restricting sales to our area.
  8. To me it looks like settings are there to adjust accordingly - and its probably not far off in most instances. There are some nice features in your guys plugin and would love the opportunity to buy it.
  9. I was wondering if anyone understands the reason we cannot buy OzCAD plugins for VW? I contacted the company to purchase their WinDoor plugin and was told, based upon some sort of agreement with Nemetschek, they cannot sell new versions of the plugin. The plugin looks awesome, and I am perplexed why we can't buy this. For those that don't know what I am talking about, here is the info. http://www.ozcad.com.au/products/windoor.php
  10. Yes, I did use Photoshop for much of the effects. I'm just starting to play around with VW rendering and I hope to get closer to what I need as I learn. However, it only took 20-30min or so to do the work in Photoshop. I've found once you have the effect you want down repeating the steps goes fairly quick.
  11. I use other apps too, and I have to say the stairs seem to always be an issue. There are just too many variable to deal with.
  12. Thanks Wes. I ended up doing just that - here is the result. This is the first BIM project I am doing in VW from start to finish (these are just prelim concepts).
  13. I'm working on an office building where I will use glulams for column support - but combined with a decorative (yet structural) connection to a concrete base etc (example below). Should I be using this new Structural Member Tool for the beam/post component in this condition? I suppose I would then make a symbol just of the post base and connector, but leave the "Structural Members" separate but grouped with the symbol? Looking for a "best practices" based answer. Thank you.
  14. Thank you!....got it. However, is there a way to control the min. size??
  15. I've seen tutorials on site modeling in VW where the terrain (site model) has thickness to it - but no one explains how to get that thickness, which some apps call "terrain skirt". I've gone through the site model options and just can't see how this is done. Thanks for any help.
  16. Is it true that a viewport has to exist on a sheet or design layer? From a best practices position is it better to annotate notes in a viewport over a standard view?
  17. Thank you guys - this has helped, but I was also looking how to get some very specific things done - related to detailing traditional residential architecture. I should have been more specific - I started a new thread under architecture. Again, thank you for the replies....and yes Jonathan your site was very helpful.
  18. I posted recently about tutorials, but thought getting more specific would help. What people are doing for traditional residential detailing - ie ridge caps, corner boards, gutters, etc etc??? There are lots of tools VW has to probably do a good job on these items, but looking for some sort of "best practices" resource (free or pay tutorials). Id like to get down to the nitty gritty of how the best approach these elements. I've taken courses in Lynda.com and other sources but its way too much overview stuff....things I already know. My use of VW so far has been mainly 2d concept work (like below to show the type of work i main do in VW). I've been moving from VW to Chief Architect to finish the modeling/BIM plans since so many of the tools it has are simple and specific. Now, with some of the new features in VW Id like to look at doing all my work inside 1 app. However, its kinda hard to find the resources for the type of architecture I practice most.
  19. I've used Vectorworks since it was known as MiniCad. However, 90% of what I do in Vectorworks is 2D. I've actually started using Chief Architect for residential BIM since it seemed to fit residential more directly - using Vectorworks primarily for concept work and graphic presentations. Id love to learn more about residential BIM inside Vectorworks. Are there any good sources for this? Thanks in advance.
  20. Sorry if this is too basic of a question, but is there a way to reset a modeled shape so it exists freely of a previous modifier? As an example, say I do a solid subtraction on a shape but then want the shape to forget its solid subtraction and exist wholly as the new shape i've made (with of course the subtraction applied). Thanks!
  21. I think there are too many sub-sets of users to generally say "designer/drafter" ...what do you specialize in?
  22. Actually, Vectorworks would be much easier to create these panels than Sketchup would IMO. I use both and Vectorworks has better control and precision for this type work. After all, modeling it is only a portion of the work - you have to describe how to build this, and that is where VW shines.
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