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  1. Thank you - Jacob reached out and I got the demo, and just purchased 2020 Designer. Thanks.
  2. I believe the creator of this died in an accident. I've been trying to run this plugin down for some time, as it was just awesome. https://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/family-remembers-man-killed-friday-in-tragic-accident-in-ellicott-city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKRa_jCcOtY
  3. I've tried to get a demo of VW 2020 a couple times and now it says that someone will call you with a serial number to activate the trial....but no one calls. I'm posting here since I have no idea who to contact over that issue - being they were supposed to contact me. Just a suggestion, why not convert that to an email and not a specific call?
  4. @LindadR thank you for the reply. If you look at what you get from Autodesk for $235 per month (see below) its 6 top tier software titles - like Revit, Autocad, 3Ds Max, etc etc plus a lot of nice web-based apps. All that adds up to well over $10k worth of software....perhaps closer to $20k. Revit alone is around $192 a month - but Revit was much more expensive product than Vectorworks ever was due to its market position. My overall point is that if you took the purchase price of VW and compared that with the subscription rates of other companies/titles relative to what their purchase prices were, VW's ratio of subscription price to purchase price is skewed. I
  5. I love the subscription software model if the costs are reasonable. Adobe offers their entire software package for $50-60 for $3-5k worth of software. Autodesk has a host of subscription packages from $30-235 a month but in the $200-ish a month you get several top-self titles and other web-based modeling apps that broken out would have cost around $10k+. If you added up the pre-subscription rate for purchasing the Autodesk package vs the VW Designer the value of the Autodesk subscription outweighs the VW package by a 2-3x margin. In relation to those software companies VW has priced itself WAY high in my opinion based upon the idea of getting (basically) a single software package with "modules". Even if it meant signing onto a subscription for a min. of 12-24 months, I think Nemetschek would benefit by lower subscription costs through added users.
  6. You may find this hard to believe, but actually the very first BIM software developed was "Chief Architect" in early 80's. The company was actually Advanced Relational Technology, Inc and founded by a Stanford Physics Phd who thought drawing homes should be more simple.
  7. Has anyone ever seriously looked at Allplan? Same company - mostly a European BIM app but there are some features with that app that look very interesting. I wish there was more support for it in the states. My issue with VW is it doesn't feel immersive. With all the need to setup Sheets to navigate your model it feels a bit too reliant on physical page space. Dont get me wrong, i love VW for its 2D drawing ability but I do wish on the BIM side it felt like those other apps slightly more.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion - i'll try what you are suggesting, and I do have the 3Dconnexxion mouse. What I was really talking about more was the fact you seem to "need" to create paper spaces in order to maximize flexibility of the software.
  9. I love Vectorworks for its "drawing on paper" feel in many instances. However, I do feel generally there could be a better immersive feel to BIM modeling. Having tried other apps like Archicad, Revit, and Allplan those apps feel like you are in the model building things - and then you "print" views of the project. In Vectorworks, it feels like the page/paper are windows through to the model - therefore a slightly detached feel. Again, I started using VW when I just produced 2D drawings - and I LOVE the way the app feels with that regard. I just think as BIM changes this industry, Vectorworks should move a bit more towards that general feeling with some quick view tools we currently dont have. A good example of this is the fact we dont actually have any method right now to have multiple active view/windows active as changes are made. There are others examples, but this suggestion is more a generalization.
  10. You're telling us you went exploring with your one and only file for the project and then saved your mess overwriting the original? I can promise this would end bad no matter what software you used. I version save my work all the time and ESPECIALLY if I plan to experiment.
  11. There is a dedicated jobs board....so that would be your best bet. (never mind I guess that was only for VW positions)
  12. 3D has really helped with verifying design feasibility while catching errors and issues. I run a team of 7 draftsman and 2 engineers doing 700-800 single family homes a year for a developer and each home is BIM modeled, with the engineers collaborating and notating directly in the model file. My experience has been for every extra min. added for modeling in 3D, there is a equal time savings provided in another area where 2D alone would have addded more time otherwise. That said, our office found for residential BIM Vectorworks just didn't have the specific tools we needed. I do use VW for my commercial work and presentation drawings, but trying to find a good workflow.
  13. The OP asks a good question and one I am having a bit of a struggle working through myself. Not so much as I can't fumble through the process, since I used VW for years and years just straight 2D. However, I wish there was something like what Sonders did for Sketchup available for Vectorworks. We need some good explicit instruction on Best Practices along with some examples and a resource to use as template. I bought Sonders book on Sketchup even though that isn't what I use for production drawings, just to see their process - thinking I could glean something useful (which I did).
  14. I'm curiously following this thread - but a question for the OP: What sort of overall area (size) are you having to design these pavers in? Also, keep in mind whatever you design needs to be communicated in some fashion to the people installing this to follow what was done - which is going to be the real trick in all this.
  15. Yeah, I was watching those videos as well - they do look really nice. I can't understand why the folks at VW are restricting sales to our area.


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