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  1. I've created a reference viewport in my file. It's referencing a file that contains linked layers. Those linked layers aren't visible in the referenced viewport. Does anyone know if this is the intended way for this to work? If not can you recommend some troubleshooting tips? Thank you.
  2. I'm learning how to use the layer mapping feature when importing DWGs. I've got it working pretty well! However I always end up assigning pen and fill weight class styles after importing the DWG. Is there some way to assign those to the standards so it will automatically set-up those class styles? Included a video about the feature I'm talking about for reference. Alternatively, does anyone have a workflow they like when using this feature? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone solved the original problem nrkuhl had? I'm having the same problem. Importing a 50mb revit file and all I get is a title block made of 3d polygons (albeit flat). Theres also some text that says aerial.jpg
  4. So I heard back from tech support regarding what settings to use. They said to use the default settings to be able to export fills. I'm guessing that it's the 'Export 2D fills' setting specifically, this setting has caused problems in the past so we'd be avoiding using it.
  5. Knowing how to explode them/convert into polygons would be awesome so I can have a worksheet count them.
  6. I needed to design a random paver pattern as such: Row A: Random layout of 18"x18" & 30"x18" pavers Row B: Random layout of 18"x24" & 30"x24" pavers Row A & B distributed randomly. First I made a tiles of each row. But I abandoned this when I found out 1) The dwg I had to export to the civil wasn't showing tiles and 2) using the tiles wouldn't allow me to have the worksheet calculate the amount pavers. So I resorted to making a symbol for each paver and placing every paver individually. This has it's own problems. The worksheet calculates the amount of each paver size I need. However when I use the area command to calculate the area of all the symbols it gives me a number that's almost twice as large as the actual area. Anyone know how to solve this? Anyone have a better way to do paving patterns? Thanks!
  7. Can someone post the export settings used to get this? I'm testing the file on AutoCAD LT 2016 and tiles are not showing up. I'm exporting as a 2010 DWG and have 'Export images & image files' and 'Export Hatches' turned on. I checked to make sure there are no groups in my tiles. Any advice? Thank you.


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